Black or Colorful Rubber Infill Crumb for Artificial Grass

Black or Colorful Rubber Infill Crumb for Artificial Grass

The rubber crumb is recycled rubber produced from automotive and truck scrap tires. It is often used in artificial turf infill as cushioning.

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black or colorful rubber infill crumb for artificial grass 

It is very common that artificial grass field is filled with rubber crumb. The artificial grass with the support of infillings of rubber granule or silica sand, the grass yarn can be stably held and the grass turf can be well stabilized. Usually, the bottom layer is silica sand, the upper layer is covered by rubber crumb.

Artificial grass turf do not have soil as real grass growing in the earth, so people who play in the field can be easily hurt by the harden basement when fall down, while with the infillings of rubber crumb, the artificial grass turf becomes softer and elastic to supply protective cushion for avoiding hurts.

The grass yarn surface is much slipperier than real grass that is growing in the earth, so people may easily fall down when walking at artificial grass field especially in rainy day, with the infillings of rubber crumb which can increase friction force of artificial turf fields, functional performance of artificial turf is well improved.


Product specification


Black or as required


EPDM granule and tire rubber crumb




1-3mm, 2-4mm




Football, tennis, basketball and other field


Product application

Artificial lawn filling granule

PU racetrack underlayment granule Racetrack material, EPDM rubber sheet material, roof area, UV bearing area

Sports ground flooring


Packing & Delivery

Packing details: 

Packed in bag of 25kg.



Q: What's the product range of artificial grass?
A: - Landscape grass for garden

- Sports Grass for football, tennis, golf, hockey and so on.
- Commercial grass carpet for showcase
- Artificial grass for roof decoration
- colorful grass and all installation accessories

Q: What about water drainage?

A: There is no need to worry about water drainage. Artificial grass is fully porous and rainwater drains through it as the artificial grass has a holed backing.

Q: Is artificial grass safe for children and pets?

A: Strict testing is carried out to ensure they are free of any hazardous elements making them safe for children and pets. Jiangsen artificial grass has passed the REACH testing certificate.

Q: What is the MOQ?

A: If we have the Artificial Grass stock, the MOQ could be 100 square meters. If we don’t have the Artificial Grass stock, the MOQ should be at least 500 square meters.

Q: How to choose artificial grass?

JS can recommend the most suitable artificial grass according to our client’s requirement. What’s more, our technical team has a consistent supply of talents and newly developed technology, customized product can be accepted, which can fully satisfy different kinds of customers’ needs. JS insists on providing personalized solutions for customers, with every scientific details and dedicated service attitude, making perfect service for you.

Q: Before make the order, can I visit your factory?

Yes, you are welcome to visit our factory. Please inform us your traveling schedule ahead of time. We can arrange to pick you up at the hotel or the airport.

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