50mm Artificial Grass for Soccer Field Artificial Football Grass Turf

50mm stem fiber artificial football grass is the most popular model, as it is easy to infill sand and rubber, has good uprightness and competitive price.

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50mm artificial grass for soccer field artificial football grass turf

Specially designed for football and soccer fields. There is a ’backbone‘ on both sides of the fiber(named ”stem fiber”),  which can strengthen the fiber and make the football artificial grass system more durable. At the same time, the stem fibers keep the grass upright easier and give the artificial football grass system more resilience. 

These days more and more people are turning to the artificial grass alternative. With so many people suffering with muddy grass patches, high water charges, maintenance charges, tired-looking decking and paving that have seen better days, artificial grass has become the most cost effective alternative. 

Artificial football grass gives athletes a better training environment.

Whether you’re installing a garden in your home, creating a new football course, or laying artificial grass, our artificial grass beautiful, low maintenance, and long lasting. 



Product specification

Pile height/mm




Stitch rate160 stitches/m
Density10080 stitches/m2
Backing PP+Net cloth+SBR latex


2 tones

Grass shapeStem inside


Football field



UV-Resistance, Fire Resistance

Product advantages and application

Heat and frost resistant

UV stabilized

No harmful environmental effects

Non-flammable, anti-acid yarn resistant to chemicals

Moderate traffic area

Easy installation, saving labor cost

Excellent water drainage

Feet feel comfortable and wear resistant

50mm artificial grass for soccer field.jpg

Package and delivery

Packed in rolls: 1.5m or 2m width, length can be customized.

Delivery time: 15-20 days

Q: What's the product range of artificial grass?

A: - Landscape grass for garden

- Sports Grass for football, tennis, golf, hockey and so on.
- Commercial grass carpet for showcase
- Artificial grass for roof decoration
- colorful grass and all installation accessories

Q: Why should I choose JS Grass instead of natural lawn?

A: You can save so much money on watering, lawn mowing, lawn caring products and most of all save your precious time. Use your time to enjoy your lawn rather than spend time caring for it. By choosing JS Grass, you can be assured that you chose the most reputable company that completely backs every product sold.

Q: What about water drainage?

A: There is no need to worry about water drainage. Artificial grass is fully porous and rainwater drains through it as the artificial grass has a holed backing.

Q: Is artificial grass safe for children and pets?

A: Strict testing is carried out to ensure they are free of any hazardous elements making them safe for children and pets. Jiangsen artificial grass has passed the REACH testing certificate.

Q: What is the MOQ?

A: If we have the Artificial Grass stock, the MOQ could be 100 square meters. If we don’t have the Artificial Grass stock, the MOQ should be at least 500 square meters.

Q: How to choose artificial grass?

JS can recommend the most suitable artificial grass according to our client’s requirement. What’s more, our technical team has a consistent supply of talents and newly developed technology, customized product can be accepted, which can fully satisfy different kinds of customers’ needs. JS insists on providing personalized solutions for customers, with every scientific details and dedicated service attitude, making perfect service for you.

Q: Before make the order, can I visit your factory?

Yes, you are welcome to visit our factory. Please inform us your traveling schedule ahead of time. We can arrange to pick you up at the hotel or the airport.

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