Playground Turf

We are firm believers in the fact that the only limitations on the uses of artificial grass are the ones that we place on it ourselves. This handy, versatile material can be applied in a countless range of situations, from residential gardens to sports clubs, playgrounds and more.

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Unlike regular grass, which suffers from seasonal changes, playground turf is capable of surviving throughout the year. Despite the weather or seasons, you don’t need to worry about any wear and tear. Whether it is raining or shining, winter or summer, this grass performs exceptionally well.

If you’re looking for an option that is gentle on the environment, playground turf is an alternative that you can depend on. You don’t need to use herbicides, fertilisers and other chemicals which are known to be harmful to the environment.

Regular lawns are easily ruined and occasionally destroyed by our furry friends through digging holes and general wear and tear.

Simply browse our website today to discover the perfect match for you and your individual needs.

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Product specification

Pile Height/mm50
Stitches rate/m140
BackingPP cloth+Net+SBR latex
Life Span6-8 Years
Fiber ShapeStem shape
ColorDark green & Light green
UV treatmentYes
Fire resistantYes

Product advantages and application

Fewer Machinery Repairs and Maintenance Costs
Less Labor Costs
No Storage of Flammables: Paint, Gasoline etc...

No more paint or chalk on athletic fields
No more paint equipment & messy clean ups

One time install - life expectancy 10 years or more
Grounds maintenance made easier and less costly
Permanent lines on baseball, soccer and football fields 
Frees up your ground crews time for other projects

Playground Turf

Package and delivery

Packed in rolls: 2m or 4m width, length can be customized.

Delivery time: 15-20 days

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