Artificial Grass Best Quality

This Artificial grass best quality material is perfectly suited for a wide variety of applications including lawn areas, pet areas, playgrounds and decorative commercial settings. Our synthetic turf has evolved greatly since the original Astro Turf days. Today it looks amazingly like a natural rye grass surface and has significant benefits making it better than natural grass for many uses.

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The best quality of JS artificial grass

It is environmentally friendly saving water, chemicals and pollution from lawn care equipment,

It provides soft green inviting lawn options for spaces that either have too much shade or too much foot traffic for natural grass,

Home playground areas can now become attractive, fall zone safe, clean surfaces as opposed to partitioned areas that use mulch or pea gravel spaces that take away and break up large portions of the lawn,

The lawn turf is a perfect solution for pets; it is both durable and inviting keeping the pets, lawn and your home clean,

More than anything our lawn grass solutions create a very low maintenance beautiful lawn for homes and businesses that look consistently attractive throughout the year.

Natural grass - it looks amazing, but can be time-consuming. And for many of us with leisure time becoming increasingly precious and the weather frustratingly unpredictable, it can be difficult to dedicate time to maintaining it. So why not explore an artificial option?

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Product specification

Pile Height/mm
BackingPP cloth + Sbr latex
Life Span8-10 Years
Fiber ShapeU shape
Color4 colors
UV treatmentYes
Fire ResistantYes

Product advantages and application

1.Like true grass, with green feeling; The variety is complete

2.Not afraid of cracking, no bubble off the layer of worry, both simple and economic

3.High flexibility, low scratches

4.Fast construction speed, low construction difficulty
5.bright color, no color change

6.Rain without water

7.Easy to repair, easy to retrofit

8.No toluene, acetone and other additives, so that exercise breathing very healthy

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Package and delivery

Packed in rolls: 2m or 4m width, length can be customized.

Delivery time: 15-20 days

Q: Is the child friendly grass suitable for nurseries ?
A: Any nursery would benefit from our child friendly synthetic grass. We especially recommend 4SA type as it has a curled design thus providing a softer surface. You may also wish to consider our shock pad underlay if you are concerned about critical fall heights. 

Q: What about the size and shape of my garden?
A: The grass comes in 4m rolls and 2m roll widths and we can get whatever length you require. It is your responsibilty to measure the length and width of the garden to calculate what roll width and length you require. We can fit the grass to irregular shapes such as circles e.t.c 

Q: Can I lay the grass myself?
A: We regularly supply customers with grass to lay the products on a DIY basis. We are available to give expert advice on the preparation and jointing techniques required. Also please see our installations page for further details and instructions.

Q: What about water drainage?

A: There is no need to worry about water drainage. Artificial grass is fully porous and rainwater drains through it as the artificial grass has a holed backing.

Q: What is the MOQ?

A: If we have the Artificial Grass stock, the MOQ could be 100 square meters. If we don’t have the Artificial Grass stock, the MOQ should be at least 500 square meters.

Q: What type of a base is required?
A: Generally we lay on a sand base. If your drainage is poor you require a sand and hardcore base. If your drainage is very good you can lay it directly onto compacted sod. The grass can also be laid on timber floors or any other hard floor. Gravel can also be a suitable base if a layer of sand is applied on top of the gravel and compacted. 

Q: Can I put it on top of my existing grass?
A: It is not recommended, as the existing grass will slowly die and could cause undulations to the perfect new surface. The first operation in our installation is to remove all existing lawn to a suitable depth and replace it with a compacted drainage sand/grit base and geotextile weed preventative membrane. 

Q: Before make the order, can I visit your factory?

Yes, you are welcome to visit our factory. Please inform us your traveling schedule ahead of time. We can arrange to pick you up at the hotel or the airport.

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