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JS artificial grass company engaged in this industry for nearly ten years. JS artificial grass company's main product include landscaping grass and all kinds of sports grass.

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The artificial  turf has a very high density and is very soft to touch. This grass  is 45mm high, which is suitable for home landscape laying, family garden  decoration, or roof balcony decoration;

Aritificial lawm  is very  environmentally friendly frome JS artificial lawn company, you can rest assured that children and pets  can play on the lawn, and the artificial turf is very easy to take care  of. The drainage effect is very good. Usually, the broom can be used to  clean up the sundries. If the dust is relatively large, it can be washed  out with water. Artificial turf can be kept fresh green  color all the year without regular watering and mowing; the homeowner can use these to enjoy leisure time.

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