Artificial Turf For Home Use

Artificial turf is mainly used for paving and beautifying in the courtyard. It is used to replace natural turf. Artificial turf has the characteristics of natural turf, such as evergreen, durability and all-weather. It can also eliminate the tedious work of post-maintenance, which is the main reason why artificial turf can be widely used in the courtyard.

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After the natural turf is laid, it needs to be trimmed, watered, and even need to be fertilized. The cleaning is also more troublesome. Because the artificial grass has no soil, it can be cleaned directly with some tools or directly washed with water. The turf is quick and easy. Natural turf will breed some mosquitoes and some bites on the human body, especially if the children's skin is prone to allergies, but artificial turf will not have such problems. After all, the artificial turf raw material is PE, which does not breed mosquitoes and the like. save time and energy!


Product specification

Pile Height/mm40
Stitches rate/m180
4 Colors
Life Span8-12 Years
UV treatmentYes
Fire resistantYes

Product advantages and application

Require less ongoing maintenance

Easy to keep clean using an outdoor blower vacuum

Can be recycled at end of life – eco-friendly

Comes with a warranty of up to 1-2 years

Pet friendly (animal droppings, urine and sand don't mix!)

Is UV stable and includes yarns with increased thermal performance

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