Quality Artificial Grass

A healthy green lawn can be difficult to achieve and maintain, especially in areas with water restrictions or poor soil. Quality Artificial Grass is a great option for homeowners who still want the look of a lawn but without the hassle and maintenance. You can lay your own patch of artificial grass just like you'd put in sod, but without using any water.

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Quality artificial grass is becoming increasingly popular as an attractive and practical landscaping element in urban environments. 

Our quality artificial grasses are lush and soft, as well as hard-wearing and durable, allowing them to boast the realistic look and feel of natural grass all year round, but without all the pesky upkeep and maintenance associated with owning and caring for a real lawn! 

Water conservation is an important issue—even beyond drought afflicted areas. A quality artificial grass is an easy solution to maintaining a green landscape, while meeting water restriction codes and and saving some money each month on your water bill.

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Product specification

Pile Height/mm45
Stitches rate/m250
BackingPP cloth+Net+SBR latex
Life Span6-8 Years
Color4 tones
UV treatmentYes
Fire resistantYes

Product advantages and application

No more watering
Significant short & long term cost savings

No more exhaustive maintenance for our Synthetic Grass
Our Artificial Grass is Always green and neat
No more cutting
No more fertilizers and pesticides
No more electric use for driving irrigation pump
No more rotting palm trees that are placed next to lawn sprinklers

quality artificial grass

Package and delivery

Packed in rolls: 2m or 4m width, length can be customized.

Delivery time: 15-20 days

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