Synthetic Grass Carpet For Kids

Your kids can play outside all day every day and not get one grass stain. synthetic grass carpet for kids are not toxic and soft, so your children will love one. Synthetic grass carpet is cleaner and safer for your kids than real grass.

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  1. Synthetic grass carpet for kids not only looks as good as the real thing but it stays looking freshly cut, clean and of course beautiful, day in and day out. 

  2. Synthetic grass carpet for kids can have the effect that blocks cold meaning of ground, because its material is more soft, increased children room warmth while the foot is stepped on and sit very comfortable. And children generally like to go barefoot or climb on the ground, so laying carpet in children's room can greatly reduce the ground cold, let the children enjoy the fun.

  3. Step on the carpet of soft and abounding in flexibility, can feel whole body is loosened, comfortable, reduce fatigue, won't appear the tremor that hard ground and sole collide frequently and produce.Very safe for children.

  4. Synthetic grass carpet for kids can absorb indoor echo noise, reduce sound to pass the reflection of the ground, wall and spread, create a quiet and the household environment that is conducive to children's growth.


Product Specification

Pile Height/mm20-40
Stitches rate/m180
Fiber Shape
Backing PP cloth+Net+SBR latex
UV treatment/Fire resistantApproved
Roll LengthFollow drawing or customized
Roll Width4.0m or 2.0m or customized
Life Span8 Years

Product advantages and application

High wear resistance and anti-static.

Easy installation, easy maintenance, less labor, less water.

Shock absorption, good playing performance.

Good drainage performance, low friction, and-UV properties.

It can effectively improve the space utilization.

Inexpensive maintenance.

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Package and delivery

Packed in rolls: 2m or 4m width, length can be customized.

Delivery time: 15-20 days

Q: Are you a manufacturer or trading company?

A: We are manufacturer specialized in synthetic grass carpet for kids, we produce the raw material by ourselves and our products are popular all over the world.

Q: How about your products' quality?
A: Our products passed the 3000h anti-UV test, RoHS test, 5000 times wear test and flame retardant test.

Q: Minimum quantity order?
A: 500 square meters.

Q: What about the lead time?
A: Sample needs 30days, mass production needs 20days.

Q: How many kinds of artificial grass can you provide?
A: Our company are specialize in designing, manufacturing, sell various styles of artificial grass, including landscaping, soccer grass, tennis grass, golf grass and so on

Q: How long will our JS artificial grass last?

A: Our  Landscaping Artificial Lawn is basically unaffected by the elements. Our Easun turf is UV stabilized and water-resistant. Our surface has been installed indifferent corners of the world from heavy snow and freezing temperatures to excessive rain and even where they are exposed to heat and direct Sun. We offer a 9 years warranty with durable green. 

Q: Is it pets friendly?
A: Yes!! JS Grass has a strong latex backing. When pets urine, it washes away and does not discolour the grass. Any sediment drains away when it rains so the grass naturally cleans itself. 

Q: Is the child friendly grass suitable for nurseries?
A: Any nursery would benefit from our child friendly synthetic grass. We especially recommend 4SA type as it has a curled design thus providing a softer surface. You may also wish to consider our shock pad underlay if you are concerned about critical fall heights. 

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