Synthetic Grass Field

Synthetic grass field which is otherwise known as synthetic lawn is low maintenance and pet friendly, making it a versatile product in terms of application.

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Synthetic grass field is designed to look and feel just like natural grass. The type of material used in its construction has a lot to do with the way it looks, acts and how durable it is. Softer materials feel more natural and act like natural grass, but will not hold up over the course of the installation. Certain types of activity require a stiff, more resilient surface. Sports and recreation areas often demand a courser pile simply because the high volume of foot traffic would cause a thinner pile grass to break down very quickly leading to tears and other forms of damage. The different types of synthetic grass field offer a wide selection to choose from in different price ranges.

 image  Product specification

Pile Height/mm40
Stitches rate/m180
BackingPP+Net+Sbr latex
Life Span4-6 Years
Color4 Colors
Fire resistant and UV treatmentYes

Product advantages and application

Less Labor Costs

Fewer Machinery Repairs and Maintenance Costs

UV stabilised to minimise fading

Manufacturer’s warranty

Grounds maintenance made easier and less costly

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