Synthetic Grass Garden

The artificial turf can be matched with the surrounding conditions and the building complex. It has a variety of colors, does not fade and is durable. It is the first choice for roof gardens, leisure patios, sports venues, etc.

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Casual artificial turf is an artificial turf product that focuses on decoration. Its color is gorgeous, the color is very rich, and it can play the sense of vision. It is mainly used for outdoor floors, roofs and even slope protection, wall surfaces and other wall surfaces for simple laying and decorative laying. Among them, the artificial turf for greening has low emulation and durability, and has been widely used as a greening place to replace real grass.


Pile Height40mm
Color4 colors
BackingPP+Net+Sbr latex
Roll width2m or 4m or customized
Roll length25m or customized


Suits any application

Durable and hard wearing

Instant and life-like

No maintenan

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