An Effective Way To Reduce The Temperature Of Artificial Turf

- Apr 20, 2018 -

  After entering the summer, the temperature will slowly increase. This high temperature weather not only can not stand human body, even the artificial turf. When the sun shines directly on the artificial turf, it will cause the temperature to rise linearly. If it cannot cool down in time, it will shorten its service life. So how can we effectively reduce the temperature of artificial turf?

  In fact, artificial grass is wetted in order to reduce the temperature of the artificial turf under high-temperature weather. This is because in very hot weather, the water will quickly evaporate, evaporation will take away a lot of heat, really effective to reduce the temperature of the lawn.

  However, wetting the surface when wetting the artificial turf on the sports ground is sufficient. Do not use large amounts of water. This will not only lead to artificial turf can not be used for a short time, but also cause waste of water. Do not use contaminated water sources, easily causing secondary turf Pollution.

  So, for artificial turf, rainfall is a good way to reduce temperature. Rain not only can reduce the temperature of artificial turf, but also can clean the dust. Rain can gently clean the dust, dust and other types of pollutants on the fiber. It stays clean.

  In addition to the hazards caused by high temperature drying, the construction process is closely related to the use of artificial turf. The edge curling of artificial turf is caused by the fact that cement does not dry out during the construction time of the glue. In order to avoid the occurrence of similar phenomena, on the one hand, it is necessary to choose a special glue for artificial turf, and at the same time, it must be properly constructed.


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