Artificial Grass Are Widely Used

- Aug 01, 2018 -

Artificial grass an be installed on all kinds of foundation surface, the quality requirements of foundation are not high, not afraid of cracking, no bubble delamination worries, both simple and economic. Artificial grass is easy to maintain and low maintenance cost. It can remove dirt only by washing with water.The whole layout of the artificial grass sports ground is beautiful, the utilization rate is high, the service life can reach more than 8 years, and durable and durable, can be used continuously all the time. Artificial grass material environmental protection, finished product construction, fixed and short construction period, quality easy to master, simple acceptance. Artificial grass is not only shockproof but also noiseless, safe, harmless, elastic and fire retardant. It is suitable for school use.Turf takes the concept of safety and environmental protection to avoid sports as the dominant concept, it provides enough cushioning power to reduce the damage to the feet of ordinary hard ground, so that you are completely free of all kinds of concerns caused by the site.The foundation is not bonded to the surface layer.When the face - to - face layer expires, it only needs to change the face layer, and the reinvestment cost is low.The special high proportion of quartz sand with high temperature treatment is adopted in the lawn clearance, so that students have the opportunity to get close to the soil without dirtying the environment and body, so as to avoid all the trouble of cleaning.Direct lawn marking is used, no need for frequent marking and distress, easy maintenance, almost no follow-up maintenance costs.

The high quality artificial grass produced by the JS company has been widely used in the construction of various schools and sports venues on the track and field, football field, tennis court, basketball court and other frequently used sports venues, creating safe, comfortable, environmental protection sports venues.

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