Artificial Grass For Pets

- May 15, 2018 -

Put it this way… now you can have a dog and a beautiful lawn all of the time ! Over 80% of artificial turf customers are dog owners. As a matter of fact, our product is installed in such places as humane societies, veterinary hospitals, dog grooming shops, dog sitter’s yards, and many pet boarding facilities. Artificial grass is a proven perfect solution for your yard if you have dogs.  Droppings can be picked up as they would be with regular grass and/or washed off with a hose, and they will not dig through the backing. Muddy paw tracks on your carpet will be a thing of the past! Imagine having a clean dog, a clean yard and clean floors inside. It makes all the difference in the world not having mud for your dogs to get into when they are outside. During the installation process we stake down the perimeter with industrial spikes as a preventative measure to keep the dogs from getting a hold of the edges. This staking process coupled with the large volume of weight that we use on the top of the turf, prevents dogs from pulling up the artificial turf.

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