Artificial Grass Is Not Poisonous!

- Apr 10, 2018 -

Recently, I saw online reports that a Dutch media has rejected artificial grass and said that it is a cancer-causing danger. I think this is an irresponsible remark made by the media without investigation.

Below I briefly explain the material composition of common artificial turf:

  1. The main ingredient of artificial turf is polyethylene, which is commonly known as PE. This material is melted at a high temperature of 160-200 degrees in a plastic extruder. There is no problem and there is no heavy metal.

  2. The base cloth of artificial turf is generally PP, which is polypropylene, and it is similar to pe, the same process.

  3. The styrene butadiene latex of artificial turf is tested for environmental protection, and does not rule out non-compliance of the manufacturers, the regular manufacturers of styrene butadiene are supplied and carpet industries, is the carpet cancer?

In summary, the Dutch media’s remarks are irresponsible. It is true that the use of artificial turf has to regulate fillers. It is necessary to check the fillers because rubber pellets come from different sources, some are tires, and some are used plastics. This needs to be discerned!


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