Artificial Grass Market And Trend

- Mar 20, 2018 -

The research report of artificial grass industry trend is based on the investigation and analysis of many factors affecting the market operation of artificial grass industry, grasping the law of market operation of artificial grass industry, so as to forecast the future trend of industry, market capacity, competition trend and downstream market demand trend.

     The main analysis points of the artificial grass industry trend report include:

1. The characteristics of the trend of industry development. Through the analysis of the factors affecting the development of the industry, this paper sums up the characteristics of the general running trend of the artificial grass industry.

2. Forecast industry production development and its trend of change. The forecast of the production development and its change trend, which is the forecast of the supply quantity and the change trend of the commodity in the market;

3. Forecast industry market capacity and change. Comprehensive analysis of the artificial turf industry in the forecast period of production technology, product structure adjustment, forecast the artificial turf industry demand structure, quantity and change trend.

4. Forecast the change of industry market price. The price of the inputs and the sales price of the products are directly related to the profit level of the enterprise. In the forecast of commodity price, we should fully study the change of labor productivity, production cost and profit, the development trend of market supply and demand, the change of currency value and currency circulation, and the influence of national economic policy on commodity price.

Artificial Grass industry Trends research Report is based on the National Bureau of Statistics, the State administration of customs, the National Development and Reform Commission, the State Ministry of Commerce, the state Ministry of Industry and Information technology, industry associations, domestic and foreign journals and other relevant publications of the basic information, combined with the artificial turf industry over the years supply and This paper makes a thorough investigation and research on the enterprise groups in the artificial turf industry, and analyzes the environment of the artificial turf industry, the supply and demand of artificial grass market, the economic operation of the artificial turf industry, the market pattern of artificial turf and the artificial turf production enterprises. Based on the above analysis, the future development trend and market prospect of artificial turf industry are analyzed and forecasted scientifically and rigorously.



The total use of artificial turf in the world has reached 200 million square meters, the total amount of more than 15 billion yuan. The United States a year of artificial grass market total about 100.015 billion square meters, Europe roughly about 100.015 billion square meters, Australia about 3 million square meters, as well as other markets such as Japan and South Korea. In short, artificial turf international market development space is huge. The next 5 years is the rapid growth period, the global annual growth rate is expected to be greater than 15%, the next 5-10 years will enter a stable development period. As the saying goes, the enemy can win. For the artificial turf industry market, is also so, only understand the market, artificial turf development of the past and now, in order to better explore the future of artificial grass market development.



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