Artificial Grass Will Succeed In Replacing Natural Grass On The Golf Course

- Jul 24, 2018 -

As the golf event entered the 2016 Olympic Games, its popularity in China increased significantly.

At BBS, the global partner of CGG, held in huaian, jiangsu province, experts said that with the popularity of golf, artificial grass is expected to be equipped with golf standard fields within five years, with the advantages of low cost and no pollution.

In the last ten years, golf has made great progress in China. However, due to the relatively high maintenance cost of the golf course, the relatively high threshold of this sport, many lovers have to be discouraged. Fortunately, this situation is expected to improve with the development of golf artificial grass production technology and its popularity.

It is known that in Europe and the United States, where golf is developed, artificial grass has won a good response. The artificial grass not only has a strong cost-performance ratio, but also can fully meet the sports requirements of participants, which is expected to become a new highlight of golf development in the future. Compared with natural grass, low cost is the biggest advantage of artificial grass. "One yuan can achieve the effect, but natural grass needs at least 10 yuan."

The perennial green, unmaintained and long-lived nature of artificial grass allows golf to really cut costs, which encourages more people to participate in the sport.

Because natural grass use a lot of fresh water and pesticides in the maintenance process, this increases the cost of the environment. "Artificial grass is not the same. It's not only cheaper, it's also more environmentally friendly because it doesn't require maintenance." With the rapid development of production technology, artificial grass is expected to be equipped with standard courses and accepted by the public in the next five years.

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