Artificial Lawn Paving Requires Technical Construction Standards

- Mar 22, 2018 -

草坪1.jpgBasic requirements: the construction foundation of artificial turf can be divided into three kinds of material base, cement concrete foundation, asphalt foundation and grey soil foundation. Before the construction of the artificial lawn, the foundation shall be inspected and accepted. The company shall appoint a special person to conduct the acceptance inspection, and form the basic acceptance report. The construction shall be qualified before construction.

I. construction preparation:

1. Prepare construction plan and report to the company for approval.

2. Prepare material plan for project usage, ensure construction quality and construction period.

Ii. Construction process:

1. Basic processing

2. Clean up the site, clean up the site and remove debris, dirt and other rubbish.

3. The site should be kept clean and refuse to enter the area.

4. To build the old site with longer time, the expansion joints must be cleaned and the new materials are filled.

5. Adhesive tape laying

6. The bonded belt is arranged in a single layer, and each adhesive tape must be spliced together.

7. The underlying adhesive tape must be laid flat and not corrugated.

8. The binding belt must be fixed at both ends.

3. Lawn laying:

1. The artificial lawn shall be transported to the construction site and shall be calculated according to the drawings.

2. The lawn shall be laid, flattened and trimmed with special tools, and the grass seedling direction must be consistent, otherwise the visual color difference will be easily produced.

3. Use special joint sealant and adhesive tape to connect the lawn joints, and then press the glue after the bonding force.

4. After bonding, check whether it is flat and firm.

5. Marking the surface of the surface according to the requirements of the drawing, and splicing and checking.

6. After checking the check, the quartz sand and rubber particles can be filled. In the grass, the sand is placed in the grass, so that the quartz sand is hidden in the root of the grass hair, so as to protect the grass hair and make the grass more durable. The thickness of the quartz sand is determined by the lawn at different height. The best result is that the quartz sand surface is less than 5mm.

7. Filling method of quartz sand and rubber particles:

(1) mechanical filling (sanding machine).

(2) artificial stall.

4. Maintenance and maintenance of artificial lawn:

1. Do not wear 9mm or more 9mm spikes running on the lawn.

2. Prohibit any traffic on the lawn.

3. Keep heavy objects from pressing on the lawn for a long time.

4. Ban shot, javelin, discus or other high-fall sports on the lawn.

5. No immediate trample should be allowed in the snow day, and the surface should be cleaned and used again.

6, repair shop is installed, six to eight weeks, every week to clean the artificial lawn, gravel sweep, keep the grass stems erect, such the goal is to maintain gravel height at a certain level.

7. The foreign body in the grass should clear the foreign body in the lawn in time, leaves, pine needles, nuts and gum will cause tangles, spots and stains.

8. The artificial lawn should be rinsed with clean water between three months to six months to keep the original color, so that the quartz sand will settle properly and keep the grass stable.

5. Suggestions on the paving of artificial lawn:

When the grass has arrived at the site, it should be neatly arranged and stressed, so as not to make the lawn fold and deform.

No less than 20cm of seam should be attached to the sod.

Using circular non-angular quartz sand, the diameter of quartz sand should be 0.2-1.0mm.

Adhesive glue shall be made of synthetic rubber with good bonding fastness.

After the site has been laid for a week, it will be delivered and used.

Do not work on rainy days and under -5 degrees below zero.

6. Instructions for using artificial turf:

Artificial grass should be used under normal motion

1. Banning 9mm spikes running on the lawn;

2. Prohibit any motor vehicles from driving on the lawn;

3. Prohibit the heavy weight on the lawn for a long time;

4. Ban shot, javelin, discus or other high-fall sports on the lawn;

5. No immediate trample should be allowed in the snow day, and the surface should be cleaned and used again.



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