Artificial Lawn Resilience, Wear Resistance And Anti - Aging Test.

- Feb 17, 2018 -

1.1.jpgArtificial turf is not a good thing, as long as a few important indicators are tested, the quality of artificial turf can be determined. Next, we will examine our products from the aspects of resilience, wear resistance and aging resistance of artificial grass.

When people give a certain impact to the surface of the artificial lawn, the artificial turf will be deformed due to the impact on the surface of the lawn. This deformation value will represent the rebound performance of the lawn. By comparison, the artificial turf with good resilience is more suitable for running and sports, and more effectively prevents the athletes from falling, and is closer to the natural lawn, so the quality is better.

The wear-resisting property of artificial grass often has direct contact with the DTEX value of grass silk, so it is one of the important indexes of artificial lawn. To simulate the daily use of the lawn by rolling back and forth on the artificial lawn sample through the nail roller on the relevant test equipment. When a certain time period is reached, the wear of the lawn is tested and evaluated. The more durable the artificial grass is, the longer it will last.

The next test of artificial lawn aging resistance, generally in the production of yarn was joined the right amount of anti-aging additive in the raw material, which is one of an important component of the artificial lawn. To test this, need to set the temperature and humidity environment conditions, the simulation of normal artificial lawn, the sun's ultraviolet radiation to set the time, to observe, test the color of the artificial lawn and related physical properties change.

In normal climatic conditions, strong anti-aging performance of artificial turf is not easy to fade, not easy to become fragile, in other words, anti-aging performance strong artificial lawn ground color is more durable, more stable, and longer service life.

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