Artificial Turf Filled Particles Washed Away By Rain How To Control?

- Apr 23, 2018 -

  In the use of artificial turf football grounds, athletes often suffer scratches on the skin and sprained feet when they slip, and some artificial turf football grounds experience the phenomenon that rubber-filled particles under the lawn are washed away and lost during rain. How to prevent the occurrence of these problems so that users have been concerned about.

  These problems are related to the technological characteristics of the artificial turf. The general artificial turf is woven in a straight line, and the softness and elasticity of the grass are poor, which increases the coefficient of friction of the turf, and therefore can cause scratches and sprains to athletes. The loss of rubber particles and other issues.

The best way to prevent these problems is to choose an artificial turf that is specifically designed for these problems during the production process. Introduce such a new type of artificial turf to everyone now: ring-cutting artificial turf.

  Compared with the general artificial turf, the cut velvet artificial turf has the following characteristics:

1. The general artificial turf performs only one weaving process, while the looped velvet artificial turf has undergone two weaving processes. First, the loop pile is knitted by a tufting machine that specializes in loop piles, and then the cut pile is knitted. This knitting process is a unique production process for the looped pile artificial turf.

2. The weaving of loop pile is based on the special weaving form of S-shape, which makes the weaving of tufting even more uniform, and the S-shaped weaving plays a very good role in the shock absorption of sand.

3. The cut velvet artificial turf uses high quality straw and glass fiber underlay. Grass silk requires good softness and elasticity, and the backing is made of reinforced glass fiber material. The new process reduces the friction coefficient of this fiber and maintains excellent kinematics even under cold temperatures. Therefore, it is a safe fiber that can effectively prevent skin scratches and sprains when athletes slip.20180331150104257634.jpg

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