Artificial Turf First Show 2018 Russian Football World Cup

- Jun 19, 2018 -

The opening match of the World Cup in Russia broke out at the Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow on the evening of the 14th. With the arrival of substitute Juba, the score was twice, as well as the goals of Gazhinsky, Cherishchev and Golovin. The host Russia was 5-0. A big score beat Saudi Arabia and won a good start.

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According to the “Sun” report, the World Cup soccer tournament held in Russia in 2018 will be arranged on artificial turf pitches in 11 cities. Most of the football players who can enter the World Cup match come from strong football clubs. They are often willing to spend money to prepare good quality natural turf pitches for their stars. For those who have adapted to playing at these venues, artificial turf pitches are indeed a major test.

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As we all know, Russia has a width of 4,000 kilometers from north to south. Most of the regions spanning four climate zones are in the north temperate zone. The climate is diverse. The temperate continental climate dominates, but the arctic climate is north of the Arctic Circle. The temperature difference is generally larger, the average temperature in January is -18°C~-10°C, and the average temperature in July is 11-27°C. Located in northeastern Russia, Oymyakon Village is one of the coldest settlements in the world. The average temperature in January is -50°C, and the lowest in history is -71.2°C. In such a cold country, natural grasses are difficult to feed, and planting costs and maintenance costs are quite high. Therefore, in the country of Russia, most football fields use artificial grass.

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For a long time, football players and coaches have argued that playing or training on artificial turf is more likely to result in injury. However, the development of modern science and technology has led to the use of artificial turf in more public venues and professional courts, but the controversy over whether artificial turf will increase the chance of injury continues.

Studies have shown that artificial turf has some key features that help to reduce the pressure on the joints. There is no doubt that this is undoubted, especially with some dry and hard, often with poor quality of grooves and partial baldness. When comparing natural turf.

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Since the development of turf development, through constant improvement and innovation, from elementary and junior high school playgrounds to street stadiums, to rental stadiums and stadiums, from ordinary stadiums to professional golf courses, it has finally entered the world cup football tournament, the highest level of football in the world. The popularity of the artificial grass court from the bottom up has become irresistible.

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