Artificial Turf Fitness Foundation Construction Process And Key Points For Foundation Construction

- Feb 09, 2018 -

The artificial turf stadium has been built in various sports venues in China in recent years. The artificial lawn of the stadium has the advantages of environmental protection, air permeability, safe and comfortable, etc., which is a healthy and recreational sports ground for the sports people. For example, the artificial lawn of curved door, monochromatic weaving, using the whole silk structure, the performance is better.

Artificial turf foundation material.

Due to the difference of climate in the south and north, there is a different requirement for the ground matrix of the stadium. The northern temperature difference is suitable for asphalt matrix; And the warm, wet south is suitable for the gravel matrix. At present, the ground of artificial lawn door court in most parts of China is made of cement concrete.

The foundation of artificial turf door is made of cement concrete matrix, which has certain strength and stability, and is extremely high on the base surface flatness. The flatness pass rate is higher, which is more than 95% of the pass rate, and the error is controlled within the allowable error range. Therefore, the field of artificial turf is extremely important to the flatness of the site.

Foundation construction process and construction standard of artificial lawn.

* first, the foundation of the stadium will draw a clear and recognizable plan before construction; Secondly, the foundation of the stadium adopts runoff and drainage, so the horizontal slope, longitudinal slope and semi-circle slope should be controlled in less than eight thousandths, and the accurate measurement shall be accurate. The drainage matrix should be used with a new PVC thickening film waterproof layer, and the corresponding expansion joints shall be kept. The width shall be controlled within 5mm, which will bring convenience to the shop workers.

The main points of construction of artificial turf.

The staff should be smooth and smooth at the joints, compacting at the bottom of the foundation, and the compaction density is controlled at more than 95%, ensuring that there is no obvious trace, no loose, uneven height and so on after compaction.

Artificial lawn door course material environmental protection, artificial turf surface can be recycled and reused. Compared with the natural lawn, the artificial lawn door is durable and easy to maintain, the usage rate is higher, and the cost of artificial nursing is reduced. At the same time, the function features such as good flexibility of the door course can bring comfort to the exercisers and promote the sports enjoyment of the exercisers.


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