Artificial Turf Health And Environmental Protection Road

- Nov 23, 2018 -

Now the lawn is becoming more and more important in our lives, but many of our friends are not at ease to let children go to the lawn to play, fearing that the above is unsanitary and vulnerable to infection. Nowadays, artificial garden carpet is used in many places, but he makes our parents more worried because they feel that this has caused more harm to the children. What is the truth? The following Haining JS artificial turf comes and Everyone introduces it briefly.

Artificial garden carpet is made of chemical substances. This is actually the problem that parents worry about. Maybe we don’t know. In fact, the chemical substances used in Qingdao Qinghe artificial garden carpet are harmless. Its main raw materials are PP and PE. A type of plastic that has undergone rigorous quality testing, is non-toxic and non-polluting, and many of its testing standards have reached international standards. I think we can use plastic bowls to eat some snacks and desserts, so walking on it will not affect the human body. And artificial turf can also effectively prevent bacteria from multiplying, so the bacteria on artificial turf is still relatively small. And it also prevents direct contact between people and the ground, and also protects the soil well, so that people can avoid soil damage.

In fact, through the above introduction, we can easily see that artificial grass rug will not cause harm to our human body. If you are still not at ease, then we must regularly clean the lawn, so that we can do a good job on the lawn. protection. We can also check our own bodies often, regardless of whether we have a lawn or not. Now I believe everyone should have a better understanding of artificial grass rug.

Even a tenacious life can't resist malicious destruction. For example, when people are maliciously destroying vegetation, they are trampled on the lawn so that there are many “people coming out” in the world, and green green is becoming scarcer. In order to make the bare ground full of vitality green, and to save the trouble of cultivating grass seedlings and management maintenance, Tongchuang artificial lawns launched the “artificial environmental protection lawn” project for this phenomenon.

The artificial lawns is a synthetic grass-like synthetic fiber that is implanted in a woven base fabric with a fixed coating on the back and a chemical product with natural grass motion properties. Widely used in sports fields, garden floors and green floors. It has the advantages of bright appearance, green season, vivid, good drainage performance, long service life and low maintenance cost.

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