Artificial Turf Height Selection And Control

- Dec 13, 2018 -

For some people who don't know about artificial turf, the higher the height of the artificial turf, the better. Of course, the height of the grass is an important factor in determining the price, but it does not mean that the higher the grass is better.

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The choice of the height of the artificial turf, we need to make decisions based on their actual situation. The height of the grass is too high and it is prone to lodging. For example, the artificial turf usually used in football fields is between 40 and 60 mm in height. Most of them need to be filled with quartz sand and rubber particles to ensure that the artificial turf will not fall and protect. Artificial turf and enhanced athletic performance. Of course, the grass height is too low, not only makes the artificial turf beautifully compromised, but also has a great impact on comfort.

Under normal circumstances, we will control the height of the artificial turf to about 20mm. The 20mm or so will not only guarantee the erectness of the artificial turf, but also be a good choice in terms of aesthetics and comfort. In addition, the cost of artificial turf can also be controlled.

Below,Js artificial grass ltd company came to give you a specific explanation about the general direction of the use of the lawn height:

(1) 40-60mm: Most of them are used in the artificial turf of the football field. Most of the artificial turf of the football field needs to be filled, so the height of the grass will be higher than that of the general venue.

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(2) 20-30mm: Most of them are leisure lawns, mainly used in leisure venues, kindergartens, roof greening, courtyard decoration, etc.

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(3) 8-15mm: Most of them are suitable for some enclosures and walls. The sports venues are mainly gate courts and basketball courts.

10mm landscape artificial grass

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