Artificial Turf Is A Good Choice For Water-deficient Areas

- Dec 18, 2018 -

Over the years, the chinese government has been very strict in checking environmental issues. The artificial turf industry is also undergoing a very strong investigation. Nowadays, the "poisonous runway" and "poison playground" are no longer seen on the market. Not only that, but the technology of artificial turf has also been broken, greatly improving the surface hardness and buffer performance.

However, these are all necessary to ensure the materials of artificial turf and the premise of using scientific and reasonable construction first and ensuring its quality. When we build artificial turf, we mainly need the following factors: Everyone will focus on it and ensure its effective development and application.

The type of artificial turf, as well as the fiber material of the turf, the type of material to be filled and the depth of filling, etc., and finally the design of the drainage, etc., because the artificial turf is mainly a non-living plastic as a raw material, and utilizes It is manufactured and produced in an artificial way.

Therefore, artificial turf is relatively high in strength, and the growth conditions are extremely , and the growth of natural turf is difficult, etc., and it has been significantly improved. This is also an effective way to improve the artificial turf in the construction mode, but there are many The industry does not recognize this aspect.

After the emergence of artificial turf, many cold or hot areas, for places where natural grass is more difficult to grow, can also experience the joy of running, and the artificial turf is used, it has a good saving for water resources. The effect, compared with the more accurate areas in Africa, is very important for water conservation.

The artificial turf also has environmental protection and durability, and is also relatively comfortable in comfort. It belongs to the industry recognized by famous people. Because it also has unique economic and weather resistance, it does not need to spray any process. Pesticides can be used 24 hours a day, so it is also advantageous in promotion.

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