Artificial Turf Itself Is Not Poisonous!

- Jan 16, 2018 -

Has reported to see the Internet in the Netherlands a media to exclude lawn, said there are carcinogenic risk, I don't think this is the media after investigation, irresponsible remarks, compared to milk, aren't we all over the world people drink all the milk containing melamine? Obviously not, can't take the noodles, a stick to kill a piece, is really funny!

Here is a brief description of the common man-made lawn:

1, the main components of the artificial lawn polyethylene PE, which is usually said this material is a plastic extruding machine, 160-200 degrees high temperature melting, there is no any problem, there is no heavy metal, we usually use plastic is have a problem

2. The base cloth of artificial grass is usually pp, which is polypropylene, which is similar to PE and the same process.

3, the styrene butadiene latex of man-made lawn is tested environmental protection, do not rule out to have substandard manufacturer, the factory of formal plant household butadiene is supply and carpet and so on the profession, do the carpet also cause cancer?

To sum up, the Dutch media irresponsible remarks, admittedly perhaps the use of artificial turf to standardize filler, the filler testing is necessary, because the rubber particle source is different, have a plenty of tyres, have a plenty of waste plastic material need to identify this back!


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