Artificial Turf Maintenance.

- Jan 13, 2018 -


When you are ready to switch to artificial grass lawn, must abandon the old mode of thinking and maintenance way, especially the need to the concept of "rest" (in order to prolong the life of field lawn and keep the best state of motion performance), no longer apply. If you already have an artificial lawn, congratulations, we'll give you a detailed introduction to the maintenance and maintenance of the artificial lawn.

Compared with the natural lawn, the artificial lawn is easy to maintain and has little investment. Proper maintenance is designed to improve the practicality and aesthetics of artificial turf.

The following points will help you maintain artificial turf:

Keep it clean.

2. Control the use of the site.

3. Provide adequate bins.

4. Erect a "no smoking" and "no food entry" sign on the floor.

5. Repair minor damage in time.

6. Observe maintenance and cleaning procedures.

I. basic requirements for maintenance:

When the artificial turf of the stadium is installed, it will take at least two weeks to stabilize the grass fiber. Although sports events can be held during this period, we suggest that all heavy equipment and unnecessary traffic should not be allowed to enter the stadium. And during this time, you should minimize the number of sweeps, especially not at high temperatures.

In addition, artificial turf, unlike natural grass, often takes weeks of use and weathering to achieve optimal athletic performance. This time not only requires the grass fiber to be stable, but also needs the grain filling appropriate, in order to achieve the comfortable, suitable for the long-term movement ideal state.

2. Cleaning and decontamination.

Rain is the best cleaner of artificial grass. It gently washes away dust, pollen and other pollutants from the air. In any case, artificial grassland needs to remove garbage in time and reduce the following problems:

1. Put enough dustbins in place so as not to overflow the garbage.

2. A special parking road is designated to reduce dirt and car marks on the playground.

3. Emphasize the smoke-free environment. If possible, use a cigarette - like gum.

3. Small-scale cleaning.

It will be easier to clean the paper, peanut shells, melon seeds and tapes after the game. A satisfactory vacuum cleaner can suck in scraps of paper, food scraps and surface dust.

When using these machines, there are several points to note:

1. Brush type

The cleaning machine must have a synthetic fiber brush similar to nylon or polyolefin, with a minimum length of 2.5 inches. Brushes should not contain metal or wire.

2. Brush installation

Proper use of the cleaning machine will not carry the rubber particles in the grass, so the installation of the brush deserves special attention. The specific installation method depends on the model of the cleaning machine. When the installed brush can hardly touch the top of the grass fiber, the cleaning machine will work very well. Do not install the brush too low into the grass fiber, stuffing or gasket. When the brush is too low to damage the turf and affect the packing, we do not recommend cleaning the soil with a cleaner.

3. Temperature limitation

In the summer, if the temperature is more than 33 ℃, please do not use cleaning machine.

4. Vehicle emissions.

In order to prevent fire or because the temperature is too high to melt the grass fiber, do not stop the vehicles that have no flame to stop on the turf. Do not exhaust the vehicle's gas in the stadium, no matter what kind of vehicle you use.

5. Oil spill

During cleaning to prevent spillage or lubricating oil, grease, such as liquid drop on your turf surface, because the liquid will make grass fiber becomes angry, don't will like the battery acid liquid spilled on to the grass.

6, frequency,

Generally, it is necessary to clean the loose garbage, in the artificial grassland use of the frequent period, the cleaning is usually a month twice.

Stain removal

In most antifouling fibers, polyethylene is well known, since most stains occur because of moisture, but polyethylene itself does not absorb moisture. Therefore, the "stain" on the polyethylene fiber is washed with clean water or soapy water. Stains on artificial grass are very easy to clean before they become dry and hard. To remove solids or stains like putty.

Scrape with a scraper first, then drain the excess liquid with a towel, clothing or paper.


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