Artificial Turf Should Be Considered Before The Construction Of The Four Elements

- Aug 29, 2017 -

Artificial turf type, fibrous material (PP or PE) of artificial turf used; type of filler material (silica sand, rubber pellet or mixture of both) and filling depth; drainage design.

1. Selection of artificial turf type Lawn lawn of artificial turf can be divided into two types: mosaic and weaving. Knitted lawn with nylon weaving, finished into a blanket. Compared with the mosaic tufted lawn, weaving artificial turf production process is complex, the price is relatively expensive, the lawn surface hardness, cushioning performance is not good, but the lawn is uniform, strong resistance 2. Artificial turf production materials and selection of artificial turf There are two kinds of production materials: poly (Polypropylene, PP) and polyethylene (Polyethylene, PE). PP material of artificial turf solid, small buffer force, generally applicable to less impact of sports such as tennis and so on. The PE material of the artificial turf soft texture, good buffer performance, the role of athletes damage, suitable for larger impact sports such as football, football and so on.

3. Filling of artificial turf 1. Selection of filling material The filling material of artificial turf is usually sand or rubber particles, and sometimes mixed with the two, when mixed use, the proportion of the two depending on the specific circumstances, the usual mix The proportion of 70% rubber particles + 30% sand.

4. Artificial turf drainage design Some artificial turf design has a drainage system, lawn cushion with permeability, the base layer in the design of a drainage pipe, the construction of such lawn structure is more complex, higher cost. But some systems do not design the drainage system, it is necessary to rely on the surface of natural slope drainage, so the surface construction requirements are higher.

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