Artificial Turf Soccer Field Benefits

- May 15, 2018 -

   With the increasing number of football enthusiasts, football venues are constantly increasing. Many builders choose artificial turf to lay football pitches for quick and easy, save some projects, and so on. Many people may not What are the advantages of laying football grounds on artificial turf? Why do people choose artificial turf laying? Let's take a look at the benefits of the artificial turf football field.

   Artificial turf in addition to a variety of excellent performance of natural turf, but also particularly wear-resistant, artificial turf track can use 5mm spikes.

   Artificial turf is a new generation of ground materials for sports grounds. It is widely used outside the United States and the United States. It is currently booming throughout the country and has a wide application.

   Artificial turf is suitable for golf courses, comprehensive sports fields, football fields, hockey, tennis courts, basketball courts, playgrounds, courtyards, kindergartens, performances, and other places.

   Artificial turf is colorful and can be matched with the surrounding environment and its buildings. It is the best choice for elegant gardens, roof gardens, and private swimming pools.

   Artificial turf is an all-weather venue, free from the effects of rain and snow, and can be used in extreme climates such as high temperatures, high temperatures, and high altitudes.

   Artificial turf is durable and easy to maintain. Its foundation requirements are not high. It can be used on astringent green, cement and hard sand and has a short period. It is especially suitable for campus venues with long training hours and high use density.

   Artificial turf adopts the principle of bionics. When it is an athlete's activity, the feeling of rebound of the foot and ball is very similar to that of natural turf, and it has good water permeability. Heavy rain can be drained in 20 minutes.

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