Artificial Turf Term

- Aug 29, 2017 -

Material type

PA (nylon), PP (polypropylene), PE (polyethylene) Most artificial turf main use of PE grass silk. PA, although the wear resistance is good, but the material is too hard, easy to burn the skin of athletes, mainly in the landscape grass field; PP wear resistance is poor, the site life is short, narrow range of applications; PE soft and wear resistance Good, is now the first choice for sports contact class. Silk filament form: mesh filament, monofilament wire in many sites in China have a lot of performance, monofilament in recent years began to pop, its appearance closer to natural grass, beautiful appearance, wear resistance slightly advantage , The price is usually higher than the wire.

The height of the lawn

 Usually divided into 6600DTEX, 8800DTEX, 9700DTEX, 12000DTEX, 15000DTEX, etc., that is the weight per million meters of grass silk. Usually, the football field uses more than 8800DTEX.

Base cloth type

 Usually divided into composite base fabric and composite grid three-tier fabric, three-layer base fabric tensile strength is relatively higher.

Walking style

Usually divided into words, and Z-shaped needle. Two ways to meet the requirements of the use of the way, but the Z-word way to make the distribution of grass silk more uniform, and grass silk adhesive adhesion will be higher.

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