Artificial Turf To Remove Stains And Other Defective Procedures.

- Jan 13, 2018 -

1. "water" scum.

These stains are best removed by a mild, granular household cleaner.

A typical "watery" stain.

Wash with soap and water first, then rinse thoroughly with water with soapy water.

If it is necessary to dry the towel with a strong suction force. Ø

2. Wash or grease.

Ø carbon rods, stains, lipstick, metal furniture polish, edible oil, rubber striation, shoe polish, sunscreen, ball-point pen oil etc, perc on available a sponge to wipe, with towel blot of strong adsorption force.

Ø shall promptly remove such as paint, coating, can be used turpentine or paint remover wipes, cleaning with detergent and water. Rinse the detergent with cold water and rub it vigorously with a sponge, then repeat it if necessary.

Ø nail polish, usable acetone is wiped.

Paraffin, scrub vigorously or sponge with perchloroethylene. Ø

Tar and pitch, scrub or sponge with a sponge. Ø

Note: mineral paints and other petroleum solvents are flammable substances. Do not smoke or fire near the container or solution, and make sure the site has good ventilation.

3. Gum can be sprayed into small pieces by freon and then remove the residue.

4. The fungus or mildew point can be poured into the water with 1% hydrogen peroxide and thoroughly soaked after wiping.

Note: do not shoot water over 300psi, which will damage the grass.

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