Artificial Turf VS Natural Grass Ten Advantages Win

- Mar 22, 2018 -


1, early investment:

Natural grass of the early investment than the artificial grass of the large, it needs from the pine, transplant turf, fertilization, water, conservation, the need for a lot of manpower and material resources, if there is a large climate difference or water problem, it needs to be involved To the establishment of constant temperature engineering and water diversion project; and artificial grass do not have to consider these issues, only the site paved, there are fixed drains, on the line. Investment is small, for a one-time, the need for human and material resources less.

2, foundation selection:

Natural grass must be solid soil, and after the soil, fertilization and other work, if the foundation is not solid soil, the need to purchase a good soil to lay the ground and other work; and artificial grass is not so much trouble, any foundation can be, nothing to do Not the works.


3, weather-ability:

Natural grass weather-ability is far worse than artificial grass, natural grass need to provide more comfortable space, regular water, the temperature difference is not too large, all adverse weather will affect the growth of grass; if the establishment of the water and temperature system, although the solution The problem, but their operation will have a cost of production; and artificial grass will not be affected by any weather, can maintain the original color and state.

4, wear resistance:

Natural grass is very fragile, often easy to cause in the friction and pressure to break or to death, and artificial grass made of fiber material, a good wear resistance, and the test data and long-term practical experience, as well as professional institutions test.


5, flexibility and recovery:

Natural grass Compared with artificial grass, artificial grass layer of the network structure to enhance the elasticity and resilience of artificial grass, you can overcome the other one grass grass "sweep" phenomenon. Can also be scattered in the intense movement of a strong pull, so that the grass is not easy to break, the movement of sand will be due to fiber mesh density to maintain a high flatness.

6, color stability:

Natural grass to maintain their original color ability is very limited, the impact of various factors can directly damage its color, and artificial grass for the unique polymer, stabilizer and pigment mixture formula, have better stability and anti-UV.


7, Usability:

Compared to natural grass, artificial grass can greatly improve the athlete's skills, can reduce the friction of the soles of the feet to small, and thus reduce the damage to the grass.

8, maintenance aspects:

Natural grass in the maintenance of the cost will be very large, engineering, long time, will be limited to the game and use, often to grass transplant, cultivation, pruning, no trampling conservation, need a lot of manpower and financial resources ; Artificial grass is basically no maintenance, just make up the sand and the like.


9, after-sales service:

Natural grass is generally looking for professional people to carry out, the cost borne by their own, no after-sales service; and artificial grass is sold as a commodity, with 5-8 years of retention period, so in the maintenance period of quality problems, there will be Suppliers to provide after-sales service, no worries!

10, without loss:

If the use of the site changes, the artificial grass can be moved very quickly to the appropriate location, as other uses or transfer sites, there will be no economic losses; and natural grass properties that it can not have such flexibility and repeated use Sex.



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