Artificial Turf VS Natural Lawn

- Nov 01, 2018 -

First, long use time, low maintenance costs

Do you know? According  to statistics, artificial turf can be used 40% longer than natural  turf, and the annual yield of artificial turf is about 2.5 times that of  natural turf.

Compared with the natural  turf, the artificial turf has less maintenance and management costs and  is simple to maintain. For the sports field, the artificial turf has  the advantage of maintenance management, and quality artificial grass will not be  degraded due to climatic reasons, and the effect will be worse. There is no mud limit on the site. In  the maintenance of artificial turf, pesticides and fertilizers are not  required to be applied, which is more environmentally friendly than  natural turf.

Top rated artificial grass  is not restricted by rainy days, and the surface is well drained, and  some large-scale sports competitions are not delayed. Therefore,  synthetic turf is increasingly valued and recognized by some  international competitions, and more and more stadiums choose fake grass.

Second, the shock absorption performance is better and safer

kindergarden artificial grass mat

With the  advancement of technology,long artificial grass is now closer to the natural  turf in many sports indicators, and even more advantageous than natural  turf. The new imitation turf can effectively reduce the sprain injury  of the foot and the scratch on the skin. The lawn  is safer and has been improved in surface coatings and raw materials.  Now it is mainly used to open single-fiber filaments, which have greatly  improved the sports index such as shock absorption and ball rebound.

The quality artificial grass has better friction performance. In the sports field, the athletes  fall more safely than the natural turf. It has a certain role in torsion  shock, and the artificial turf has better shock absorption performance.  This is also synthetic grass. Better than one aspect of natural turf.

In the  kindergartens, kindergartens and other places of children's activities,  the soft grass silk plays a protective role in the play of the  children, and is more beautiful than the ordinary rubber mat.

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Third, a variety of shapes, a variety of matching options

At present,  vertical three-dimensional greening has become the advocacy and pursuit  of more and more people, and it is also one of the trends of future  green development. However, its cost and construction maintenance  difficulty are also prohibitive for many people. Natural vegetation has a  certain periodicity, and artificial grass has easy Maintenance,  without the need for a lot of water, beautiful, imitation, true,  lasting effect, etc., as a decorative role can be used as a pioneer of  vertical three-dimensional greening.

The cold climate  in the north creates a desolate scene in winter. It is very exciting to  have a hint of green. In some venues, artificial turf landscapes can be  properly matched. With the development of artificial turf technology,  the imitation of grasses will be true. Achieve the same visual effect as natural grass. For  example, on some roads, in addition to extremely cold-resistant pine  plants, artificial turf can be used as a new greening option, which  plays a big role in relieving drivers and improving driving safety.

In summary, the  main advantage of artificial turf over natural turf is that it breaks  the natural turf's climate restrictions, while the maintenance cost is  low, the foundation requirements are not high, and some indoor sports  and playgrounds want to get outdoor natural turf. The  aesthetic effect of the site, but lacks the natural growth conditions  necessary for plants such as sunlight and moisture, so artificial turf  has become the best choice. In addition,  artificial turf has better advantages in high-frequency and  high-strength use, construction methods, maintenance and application  effects than natural turf. Therefore, artificial turf will have more and  more development space.

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