Artificially Simulated Lawn Wear Resistance And Foundation Requirements

- Apr 14, 2018 -

  Artificial artificial lawn is a kind of synthetic fiber. The equipment is implanted on its woven base fabric, and then a fixed coating is applied on the back surface, and then chemical products with natural running performance of the lawn are synthesized. The simulation turf has all the excellent properties of the natural turf during use.

   The artificial artificial lawn has strong wear resistance in the process of use. After the construction is completed, the color of its products is very bright. If the surrounding buildings are matched with me, it will appear as a whole with a strong modern color. The products are No fading occurs during use.

   Artificial simulation of the turf has lower requirements for the foundation, so it is more convenient in the process of maintenance, the periodicity of the construction is relatively short, the surrounding environment will not be polluted, and there is a long period in the process of use. The service life is very much loved by the majority of users, especially those high-tech sports building materials.

   Artificial artificial lawn has certain chemical and physical properties in the process of using. After tens of thousands of abrasions, the fiber loss of the product is only about 3%. The tensile force and water permeability of the product are very high. After only a few tens of minutes after heavy rain, the water can be completely drained.

   Artificial artificial lawn can process raw materials according to its different regions and climates in the process of processing. Therefore, the product has relatively strong adaptability during the process of use, so the processed products can be carried out in the plateau and alpine regions. use.

    The artificial artificial lawn is relatively simple in the process of maintenance and maintenance. Such a product does not need to be rested like grass, and is banned from smoking on the lawn, effectively preventing its corrosive beverage from coming into contact with the lawn. There is no need for any rubbish or dirt in the adjacent area.休闲人造草皮.jpg

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