Avoid Filling The Artificial Turf Of The Football Field.

- Jan 16, 2018 -

Generally, the grass grass of the football field is between 40mm and 50mm, and most of them are 50mm, which must be filled with particles. Quartz sand in the bottom of the filling can be stable grass roots, is helpful for maintaining the orthostatic yarn, coupled with the upper laying rubber granule, lawn with moderate hardness, can achieve the corresponding movement function; And the high quality rubber particles can make the artificial lawn have good elasticity and impact resistance, reduce the chance of injury to the athletes, and are closer to the natural lawn in performance.

It is a kind of artificial lawn that can be used to spread football fields without filling rubber particles and quartz sand. In the case of non-filling football field, the grass can still reach the corresponding motion function without filling the granules, so there is a high requirement for the raw materials and the production process of the lawn.

Also said that if a certain thickness of football ground lawn is moderate, orthostatic well, and soft, good elasticity, so it can replace the quartz sand and rubber granule filling, avoid filling type of football ground lawn is made. Indeed, on the other hand, there are also some people don't like the play football on the ground, filled with particles the smaller particles in fierce run into shoes, don't even care to eat into his mouth, was in the high temperature will produce some bad smell.

Artificial lawn base fabric and yarn through a special transformation, avoid filling type of football ground lawn density is higher, high grass in 20 mm to 30 mm, also can be customized production according to the actual need, without filling particles, grass silk soft, orthostatic good, several high points, good damping effect, the density is big, thick wear-resisting, can completely meets the needs of the sport.

It is easy to make the lawn of the football field without filling, and it can be used directly to open the ground. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor sports fields. It is worth mentioning that are now widely available mode of cage football field, more suitable for the shop from filling type of football ground lawn, it is more convenient to maintain, do not need to clean up the overflow by motion of particles, also do not need to supplement and often comb.

As a new generation of football turf products, the free - filled field lawn represents the artificial turf technology, and will be the future development trend of the artificial turf industry. Although for now, the cost of process, from the product price is indeed higher than general football lawn, but on the other hand out the filler particle products and artificial cost, easier then, comprehensive consideration is still a very suitable choice.


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