Classification Of Artificial Turf

- Aug 29, 2017 -

Generally, it be classified into four types of grass by the shape of artificial turf.

The first one is named Fibrillated PE Grass, for excellent sand installation and prevent sand fastness, it is widely used in tennis courts, basketball courts, sports runway and so on.

 Classification of artificial turf307.png

 The second is Monofilament Grass, as the grass was shaped straight, this would help the athletes protecting their body from heavy scratches, so it is most suitable and popular for football pitch.

 Classification of artificial turf507.png

The third is Textured Grass, the textured yarn shaped in circles and more closely folded each other, it is ideally designed for golf player, the route of the ball moving would not be changed as no pile direction of grass, that allow player to enjoy the whole time of playing, this is most widely used in the gate ball course for older people as well. 

Classification of artificial turf862.png 

The last one is known as Straight and Curly Grass, with the Monofilament PE and curly PP yarn mixed, the grass look very density and more natural, it is perfect for landscape decoration as its larger density, perfect standing ability softness and resilience.

Classification of artificial turf1124.png

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