Common Problems And Remedial Measures In Artificial Turf.

- Jan 16, 2018 -

1, the artificial lawn bulge phenomenon, this kind of phenomenon has a variety of reasons, such as: base cloth to dry, lawn winding, grass silk silk, etc., many lawn manufacturer not according to the grass fiber yarn and tufting density adjust base cloth, cause artificial turf after construction bulge phenomenon. According to many years of production experience summed up the corresponding adjustment measures, the proposal had better use 165 g knitted fabrics with grid cloth or use double 120 g base cloth to avoid this link to bulge or lawn slit.

2, glue drying it is also a lot of nonstandard lawn manufacturer headache often met, there is no system of main, workers adjust at speed lead to too fast, the moisture of styrene-butadiene latex is still not fully distributed winding, once opened the lawn will appear heat bilges cold shrink phenomenon, forming the massive bulge, shop staff can only operate or besmear more glue make up the bulge phenomenon, greatly influence the lawn of appearance overall.

3, the winding is really glue link, artificial lawn winding is the final production, many operators did not understand the concept of the winding, it is good to think closed tight, actually the size of the winding is according to the height of the grass, the density of decision, such as it passes through a long period of time, which can be summed up the speed of the grass is poor, or a twist.

4, beat phenomenon in fact yarn also has a lot to do, do not match the curvature of curved wire if yarn also will appear the bulge, because the winding yarn is not the same level, and there will be a dead wrinkle.

The above summary is personal work experience income, for reference only!


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