Discuss The Role And Future Of Artificial Lawn In Landscape

- Jan 05, 2018 -

Discuss the role and future of artificial lawn in landscape

The concept of artificial turf

Artificial lawn is a kind of synthetic fiber that will imitate grass leaf, implantation

In a woven base cloth, the back is coated with a fixed - acting coating

The chemical products of grass movement performance. Artificial imitation grass is made of raw materials

Propylene is mainly used as well as polyvinyl chloride and polyamide. Leaf on the

To imitate grass green, and need to add ultraviolet absorption agent.

The comparison between the natural lawn and the artificial lawn

Artificial lawns can take longer to use each day than natural lawns

Forty percent, the annual yield on the artificial lawn is relatively high, it is natural lawn

About 2.5 times. Compared to natural lawns, artificial turf

The management cost is small, the maintenance is simple, for the sports ground,

Artificial turf is more of a conservation management advantage, not because of gas

Waiting for the cause causes the lawn to deteriorate, the effect gets worse, and the rain field will not

There are muddy limits. Artificial lawns are not required to be used for maintenance

The use of fertilizer, relative to a natural lawn is more environmentally friendly.

Artificial turf has better friction performance on the playground, transport

The mobilization of a fall injury is more secure than the natural lawn, and it has

The impact of the torsional force, the damping performance of artificial lawn

It's also better, and it's one of those that's better than the natural lawn


Although artificial grass does not have the oxygen function of natural grass, but he also

It has certain solid soil sand control function, it is not affected by climate, it is used

The length of time, the artificial grass now, whether in performance or quality

It's getting better and better, and it's definitely going to get a lot more people in the long run

Use it.

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