Green Artificial Grass Commercial Decoration

- Mar 13, 2018 -

     The commercial creative design is not only the pop hanging flag, the shopping mall ceiling decoration, or the spray painted banner small pendant, but also the new product artificial lawn business decoration. The artificial lawn commercial decoration has a wide range of use, can be used in the shopping mall design, swimming pool ground decoration and so on. The green lawn decoration is definitely commercial design of the point.
     The color of the artificial lawn is the same as the real grass, with a clear color and no color difference. The artificial turf is varied in color and more selective. The decoration of the shop is made of artificial turf, which can be used to design the window, the floor of the special cabinet and the background wall. Store decoration has many advantages, such as artificial lawn, environmental protection, good friction performance, friction resistance, skid resistance, artificial lawn grass and soft property, medium shop, artificial lawn lawn and shop.
     The shop decoration uses the artificial lawn to decorate the store cabinet and the plan to distinguish the shop products. For example, the mall skin care area is collocated with artificial SOD, or the artificial lawn is used to decorate the skin care window to allow customers to have different experiences. The lawn is close to natural elements. Customers who buy skin care products think that the ingredients of skin care products may not contain chemicals, and the quality of their skin care products may be more worthy of customers' trust and worth buying.
     The artificial lawn is used in the unique features of commercial decoration. The special points are from the research of artificial lawn product itself, the angle of consumer and the business angle. Artificial lawn has its own advantages. Artificial lawn is the same as real grass. It is simple and easy to handle. It is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, pollution-free and easy to update. It will not destroy foundation material or wall material and beautify the effect.11.jpg     From the perspective of consumers, shopping malls decoration artificial lawn can attract customers from the visual sense to the customer first impression is not the same; for consumers, shopping malls and other design, will allow the customer to stay for one or two seconds, one or two seconds will be customer shopping mall to bring certain benefits.
     From the business point of view, the benefits of artificial lawn decoration emporium are two aspects. On the one hand, it embodies the idea of creative design in shopping malls, on the other hand, it has the role of propaganda, and the cost of advertising by using the artificial lawn to save the advertising market. The artificial lawn adornment emporium can attract customers, beautify the mall, and promote the shopping malls, which can be said to be a great deal.
    Generally speaking, there are three points for the benefits of artificial lawn in shopping mall decoration: first, attracting and soliciting customers; the two is shopping mall creative design, which highlights the bright spot of shopping malls, and the three is propaganda. The artificial lawn used in shopping malls, whether using pure green artificial turf or colorful artificial grass, is a new idea and new design for shopping malls.

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