How Much Do You Know About The Turf?

- Mar 31, 2018 -

Created in the 1960s in the United States, artificial turf is made from non-life plastic chemical fiber products made from artificial methods. It does not need to consume growth required like natural lawn fertilizer, water and other resources, to meet the needs of the 24 hours a day high intensity exercise, and simple maintenance, drainage, the flatness good site quickly. Artificial turf is widely used for dedicated to the field hockey, baseball, football, soccer, tennis, golf and other sports public practice or as a floor covering beautify the indoor environment, etc.

Composition structure

The raw materials are polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP), and polyvinyl chloride and polyamide are also available. The leaf is green with natural grass and ultraviolet absorbent.

Polyethylene (PE) : the soft, appearance and movement of the hand feel closer to the natural grass, which is widely accepted by the users. It is the most widely used artificial grass fiber raw materials in the market.

Polypropylene (PP) : grass fiber is harder,

Generally applicable to tennis courts, playground, runway or decoration. Wear resistance is slightly worse than polyethylene.

Nylon: it is the first artificial grass fiber raw material, belongs to the first generation artificial grass fiber.

Material structure

The artificial lawn consists of three layers of material. The base layer consists of rammed earth, gravel and asphalt or concrete. The base layer requires firm, non-deformation, surface smooth and impermeable, that is, the general concrete site. Because the field of lacrosse field is big, must deal with good base layer when construction, prevent sunken. If the concrete layer is laid, the concrete shall be cut out of the expansion joint to prevent thermal expansion and fracture.

Above the base layer is a layer of buffer, usually made of rubber or foam. Rubber elasticity is moderate, thickness 3~5mm. The cost of foam plastics is low, but the elasticity is poor, the thickness is 5~10mm, the thick lawn is too soft, and it is easy to sag. Too thin and inelastic, no buffer. The buffer layer should be stuck firmly on the base layer, usually with white latex or adhesive paste.

The third layer, the surface layer, is the grassy cortex. According to the surface shape of the manufacture, there are villous turf, circular curved nylon, leaf-like polypropylene fiber, and nylon fabric, etc. This layer must also be glued to latex or foam plastics. The construction must be fully coated, in turn pressed tightly, not wrinkle.

In foreign countries, there are two common types of grass cortex: 1. The leaf-like fibers of the grass cortex are thin, only 1.2~1.5mm; 2. The grass fiber is thicker, 20~24mm, with quartz filling almost to the top of the fiber.

The production process

Artificial turf has the advantage of bright appearance, green color, vivid, good drainage, long service life and low maintenance cost.


Don't fill sand

In the United States, most of the artificial turf used by artificial grass fiber material is high-grade nylon material, also have the use of multiple fiber, without artificial turf can also be divided into water seepage and filling sand don't ooze water two kinds. This kind of lawn resembles the natural lawn in appearance, with a layer of cushioning foam cushion, and the absorbing layer has many different density and thickness. Due to the domestic few grasp the manufacturer of artificial turf laying technology, and more for foreign technology, therefore, when laying sand filling no artificial lawn, especially shock absorption foam cushion layer must be done by foreign experts. The bottom of the shock-absorbing bubble is paved with a smooth layer of asphalt, which is paved with gravel, sand and pebbles, and the structure of the drainage system is the most critical part. In addition, this type of artificial lawn during the installation process must use special machine for artificial grass, especially in some professional or expensive sports venue is particularly important in the installation, otherwise will not be able to meet the requirements of grading and uniformity, such as hockey training venues for the 2008 Olympics in Beijing LuCheng hockey rink and part of the sports institute of technology in order to meet the special demand of portable artificial grass, block with artificial grass field must be strictly in accordance with the requirements of the construction.

Filler particles

The filling particle lawn is accepted by the majority of users in China because of its excellent sports performance and good practicability. Its material most use polyethylene (PE) or polypropylene (PP) the above two kinds of polymer materials, the lawn of the fiber is longer than not filling sand lawn, backfilling 2 -- 3 mm below the surface of quartz sand and rubber granules. Its motion characteristics are very close to the natural lawn and can be used throughout the year and around the clock. Usually, after the lawn is laid, it needs to be maintained for 6 to 8 months to reach the optimal state. This type of lawn is especially suitable for outdoor use, usually for five to eight years, but its actual life span can be more than five years. In the long dry weather, sprinkling a little water on the lawn reduces the risk of an athlete being grazed.

Mixed lawn

Fused natural turf and artificial turf is not dream, this kind of lawn grass is a natural, with plastic for grass root structure of the such as let the grass grow in the plastic on the bottom of the mesh. In this way, the friendly nature of the natural lawn is well combined with the super durability of the artificial turf.

Particles by filling in domestic artificial turfs (95%), but many schools choose products with often easy to overlook the most important link of the construction, construction technology of artificial grass for artificial grass in later maintenance and improve the service life is very important.

Application field

Sports lawn

Sports series lawn can be used for soccer field, tennis court, hockey field, door course, baseball field, cricket ground, football field, basketball court, badminton court, etc.

Artificial turf strong wear resistance, can be all-weather use, athletes and has good protection function, can effectively avoid athletes in sports that may be encountered in joint damage, skin burns or abrasions, ensure the normal rolling and running speed of football.

Leisure lawn

Leisure lawn is widely used for interior decoration, garden landscape and greening, building the lawn color natural, fresh green grass thin silk, is the best substitute, in the grass are more and more widely used in hotel afforest adornment, roof greening, the roof platform interior shops, office buildings, office decoration.

Spring, summer, autumn and winter, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the four seasons...

The maintenance cost is less than 5% of the natural grass.

Pets don't get dirty because of the rain in the mud, nor do they leave annoying muddy footprints.

When neighbors cut grass and fertilize in the hot sun, you enjoy cold drinks under the sun umbrella.

Kindergarten artificial lawn.

It is every parent's wish to have a happy life full of dreams and innocence. Health, happiness is the foundation and foundation of a child's growth, various patterns, colorful colors, and a soaring wing for the child's imagination...

Kindergarten special artificial lawn with special design, use, less cost, and convenient maintenance, environmental advantages such as safe, good appearance, strong adaptability, comprehensive coverage and replaced the traditional pavement materials such as plastic and PVC. Compared to the normal artificial lawn, it has more pertinence and better adaptability to the kindergarten.

Artificial lawn construction process.

1. Check and accept basic engineering.

Remove the debris in the foundation. If there is any irregularity, it should be repaired and leveled in time. The construction site should be cleaned to ensure the cleanliness and construction quality of the environment.

2. Measurement and lofting.

2.1 execute measurement and lofting according to the design plan.

2.2 use theodolite or other precision measuring instruments to measure whether the surrounding facilities conform to the size of the sports field. If there is any improper place, immediate modification shall be made, allowing for error of 5 mm.

2.3 paving pavement:

2.3.1 lay the grass cover on the ground according to the original factory specifications, and the grass skin needs to lap 3~8 mm.

2.3.4 cut the lawn cutter with lawn cutter. The seam should be no more than 3 mm.

2.3.5 the lower spread of the cutting area is put on the cloth, and the glue applicator is applied on the combination surface, which means that the combination is firm after touching.

3. Instructions for the construction process of turf adhesion.

3.1. Clean and clean surface, interface cloth and so on.

Persons to be 3.2 and the temperature of operational environment in construction for more than 5 ℃ advisable, moreover should not be in the rain and the construction of the mould rains weather, otherwise it will lead to bonding time is too long and even lead to non-stick phenomenon.

4. Specific construction process:

4.1. Apply glue: apply glue applicator on the surface to apply the thickness evenly, and do not apply the glue repeatedly, otherwise, the blister phenomenon will occur and even fall. Use the glue applicator, strictly control the thickness of the glue, pay attention to the glue speed to be appropriate, the glue should be applied to the two adhesion surface.

4.2. Adhesion and: according to the actual influence of temperature, humidity and air pressure at that time, control the drying time reasonably. Generally, in 10 to 30 minutes after coating, the glue will reach 90% dry with the hand touch not to stick to appropriate. When bonding, it is required to aim at the adhesive at one time, not to be glued and then to move the glued object.

4.3. Pressure: after bonding, remove the surface debris, and use the special rubber hammer to hammer the two sides of the joint to make the surface fully contact with the compactness, and the adhesion is stronger.

4.4 curing: the curing time is generally 3 days, and the final strength is usually 10 days. During curing, it should be maintained to avoid exposure to sun, water and movement.

4.5 after adhesion, it is necessary to clean the grass cut fragments of the site with the imported cleaner before the sand and rubber particles are removed.

5. Precautions for construction:

5.1 during the construction, the adhesive shall not be exposed for too long, and the solvent volatilization will cause the adhesion to be too large to be constructed.

5.2 if the temperature is too low, hot water can be heated to 15 -- 20, then the original state will be restored and the performance will remain unchanged.

6. Paving of quartz sand and rubber particles:

6.1 when spreading, use sowing machine for sowing. Quartz sand sand requires more than 80% roundness, 0.2-1.5mm round diameter.

6.2. After the artificial turf field is installed, the quartz sand and rubber particles can be laid.

6.3. The laying of quartz sand shall be divided into N times according to the design, and each spread shall be repeatedly carded by professional carding equipment to make the quartz sand fall fully and compactly. Any impurities must be removed immediately to ensure quality.

6.4. The laying of quartz sand shall be checked for smoothness and adequacy, and the deficiencies shall be filled as appropriate.

6.5. Fill the quartz sand with rubber particles. The method is the same as quartz sand.

Matters needing attention

1. Prohibit wearing 5mm long or more than 5mm spikes on the lawn (including high heels).

2. No motor vehicles are allowed to drive on the lawn.

3. Keep heavy objects on the grass for long periods.

4. No shot, javelin, discus or other high-fall sports are prohibited on the lawn.

5. All kinds of oil pollution are strictly prohibited.

6. It is forbidden to stampede immediately in the snow day, and the surface should be cleaned and then used again.

7. It is forbidden to throw chewing gum and all sundries on the lawn.

8. All fireworks are strictly forbidden.

9. It is forbidden to use corrosive solvents on the lawn.

Do not bring sugary drinks into the room.

11. Destructive tearing of lawn fibers is strictly prohibited.

12. It is strictly prohibited to damage the grass base.

13. The sports lawn should be kept in a packed quartz sand to ensure the ball's trajectory or bounce track.

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