How To Buy Artificial Turf

- Oct 26, 2018 -

It is well known that  artificial turf is generally made of chemical materials. According to  the selected chemical materials and processing techniques, artificial  turf also has advantages and disadvantages. How to evaluate artificial  turf when purchasing artificial turf What are the  advantages and disadvantages? In fact, it is very simple. Professionals  often use the anti-static performance and brightness of artificial turf  to determine the pros and cons of artificial turf.

buy artificial grass

Jiangsen artificial turf, as a professional artificial turf production  enterprise, we produce artificial turf products using good raw materials  and strictly a set of quality system processing and manufacturing, so  the quality of the products is up to standard. If there is any  abnormality in artificial turf If it is, it is probably a problem during the construction process.

Generally  speaking, in the artificial turf construction process, once the marking  line size is not accurate enough, the turf splicing will not be  straight. However, when the seaming belt is not strong enough or the  professional artificial turf glue is not used, the artificial turf is  still in use. There will be a bad phenomenon that the lawn is turned up.

Under normal  circumstances, there should be no obvious seam line on the artificial  turf field, but if the construction process does not meet the  specifications, such a phenomenon will occur. Because the grass sloping  direction of the artificial turf has not been regularly arranged,  resulting in Light reflection color difference.

During the  artificial turf construction, due to uneven sand injection and granules,  or the turf folds are directly applied without prior treatment, the  result is that the surface of the entire artificial turf field is  uneven, which is likely to bring some inevitable hurt.

If we smell that the  artificial turf field has odor or fade, it can basically prove that  there is a quality problem in the artificial turf filling used in the  construction stage. These are the problems that are easy to occur during  the construction of artificial turf, but it is not particularly  serious. The problem, as long as a little  attention, strict implementation of the artificial turf construction  procedures, can be avoided.

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