How To Clean Home Artificial Turf

- May 15, 2018 -

Cleaning and Maintenance Artificial Turf:

1. Use a vacuum cleaner to timely clean the paper, shells and other debris.

2. Use a special brush to comb the grass every two weeks to remove dirt and leaves on the lawn.

4. The dust on the turf will be flushed when it rains, or it may be washed manually.

5. When the summer is hot, you can use water to cool the lawn to cool the athlete.

Stain removal:

1. Juice, milk, ice cream, blood stains and other "watery" stains, first scrubbed with soap and water, and then thoroughly rinse with soapy water; if necessary, use absorbent towels to dry.

2. Shoe polish, sunscreen, ballpoint pen oil, etc., can be wiped with sponge perchloroethylene, with a strong suction towel dry.

3. Paraffin, asphalt, and asphalt, wipe hard or wipe with sponge on perchloroethylene.

4. Nail polish can be wiped with acetone.

5. Paint, paint, etc., can be used turpentine or paint remover and water decontamination. Rinse the cleaner with cold water and wipe it vigorously. Wipe the sponge with perchloroethylene.

6. Chewing gum, can use Freon to spray into small pieces and then remove the residue.

7. Fungi or mildew, can be poured into water with 1% hydrogen peroxide, thoroughly soaked in water after wiping.

However, basic lawn care is enough for everyday lawns!

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