How To Improve The Service Life Of Artificial Turf Field

- Mar 22, 2018 -

Most of the artificial turf previously used for football field, the development of artificial turf today has not just used in sports venues, but in various forms in various places such as golf courses, Football fields, basketball courts, volleyball courts, tennis courts, gateball courts and other sports venues and hotels, hotels, gardens, office buildings, kindergartens, balconies, swimming pools, plastic track, public green spaces and other recreational places.

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For artificial turf, how to improve the useful life of artificial turf is the most crucial, and improve the service life is not only in the latter part of the maintenance but through from the grass, construction, maintenance of the entire process.


To enhance the useful life of artificial turf should start from the following aspects:

1. artificial turf choice

        Artificial turf by many types, monofilament grass, Qu straight grass, mesh grass and so on. Which kind of artificial turf we should choose the most suitable? Select the artificial turf when you first need to be clear where you want to use different stadiums also use different artificial turf, the most important to choose the right size, The same artificial turf has different specifications, such as pitch, density, grass and more. Different artificial turf life is also different.

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2. artificial turf construction phase

        Why artificial turf construction for artificial turf life is influential? Artificial turf mainly involves the quality of foundations and some problems in the process of artificial turf laying. If the two aspects are not done, then the useful life of artificial turf can not be guaranteed. Artificial turf commonly used foundation is the foundation of cement and asphalt foundation, and the foundation must be carried out in accordance with the requirements. Laying in the process of artificial turf also pay attention to the filling of auxiliary materials are mainly rubber particles and quartz sand.

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3. Artificial turf late maintenance

        Artificial turf of the service life is not only the quality and construction of artificial turf to determine the quality of construction and maintenance is closely related to the latter. If the latter part of the maintenance is not in place, even the best of the useful life of artificial turf is also very short. Late maintenance must pay attention to artificial turf venues to prohibit smoking and fire and snacks. The venue to be cleaned once a month, if any race to clean up immediately. Always pay attention to artificial turf degumming off the case should be promptly repaired.

        Artificial turf of the service life is affected by many aspects, we can not only from a single aspect to maintain, we must pay attention to the useful life of artificial turf from the beginning through the entire process of the only way to enhance the useful life of artificial turf.



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