How To Increase The Service Life And Utility Time Of Synthetic Grass

- May 15, 2018 -

More and more site have lay the artificial grass with the development of the economy. Now the synthetic grass are not only in the sport field, but in the kindergarten, home, landscape, and hotel decoration. When more and more people start to accept the synthetic grass, another problem appeared. How to increase the service life and utility time of the grass become a main topic. So today we will give some advice for that.

Quality of the synthetic grass

You need to aware that the price always decides the quality of the grass. And the quality will directly affect the service life of the grass. 

Professional construction

What we have to aware is that the base of the lawn is the most important part. With a poor base, though with the best grass, it is still not possible to get a high quality lawn. Concrete base and Asphalt based is regular base, and with a professional construction crew will surely improve the quality the lawn and have a longer service life. Infill material of silica sand and granule is another important factor. First they have to be infilled average and smooth. Second, the infill material have to meet the notional standard.


Beside the quality and the construction, the service life of the lawn also relate with the later maintenance. Without a considerate maintenance, though the high quality grass can’t extend the service life. Under the FIFA standard, each 40 hours should have maintenance. Included grass brushing, silica sand and infill granule replenish, and lawn cleaning.

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