How To Tell The Quality Of Artificial Grass?

- Jan 13, 2018 -

Here are some ways to check the quality of artificial turf:

I. material identification method.

1. Straw fiber materials. Polyethylene (PE), cost-effective, internationally popular, widely accepted by the public; Polypropylene (PP), grass fiber is hard, easily fibrillation generally applicable to tennis courts, playground and other USES; Nylon (PA) is the best artificial grass material. The United States and other developed countries generally adopt it. In China, the price is higher, and most customers can't accept it.

2. Bottom. Wool compound woven fabric, good durability, good anticorrosion performance, good adhesion to glue and grass line, easy to be firm, price moderate; At the bottom of the grid fiber, glass fiber and other materials are used to increase the strength of the bottom and the binding force of the grass fiber.

3. Glue. Styrene butadiene latex is a popular material in the Chinese market. Good performance, low cost, water - melt, but easy to leak adhesive, Germany BASF is preferred; Polyurethane (PU) adhesive, strength and binding force is more than several times of the above products, durable, beautiful color, absolutely not corrosive, mildewy and environmentally friendly but the price is more expensive international materials.

Ii. Model identification method.

1. Distinguish the model according to the structure of grass structure, according to the structure of grass, artificial grass is divided into: straight grass, this product is mature in domestic technology, economic and practical; It is mainly imported with pure import and has the highest price. It is the best performance in the market and the price is higher. Single fiber species, is one of the main products in the international market, the simulation is high, the most durable, is the only way to maintain and refurbished products, while the Chinese market new olive simulation model also has the venation of natural grass on behalf of the Chinese market the highest level of products.

2, for the discriminant, according to the classification model of grass fiber quality by grass fiber quality, artificial grass is divided into: 7400 D, 8800 D, 1100 D, D is the denier unit of measurement of silk, every nine kilometers as a unit, in principle is bigger, the better the quality of D units. TDG grass fiber is a high durability fiber. Unlike ordinary products,TDG fiber products have a life expectancy of more than 20% compared with ordinary products. Thickness :80,100,150, width :10,11.5,12, in principle, the greater the thickness and width, the better the better.

3. Distinguish the model according to the weaving method, according to the weaving method, the artificial grass is divided into: 3/8 "and 5/8". 1/2 inch, 3/4 inch. The weaving model has little effect on the quality, but the density of the grass is a key indicator. Too close and too dense will have an adverse effect on the quality of the artificial grass products. I recommend 3/8 of an inch.

Of the product.

3. Other identification methods.

1. It can be observed from the structure of artificial grass products, walking needles, scraping glue, color, base cloth and density, etc.;

2, through technical indicators to identify products, to foreign artificial grass professional testing agencies LABOSPORT France and Europe ISA products provided by the test data, such as uv resistance, anti-aging, wear-resistant, elasticity, flame retardancy and prevent electrostatic statistics such as the specific test to assess the quality of the products is the most objective;

3. It can be judged by the product "sample project", but the sample project is generally packaged, and the general non-professionals are not easy to understand, so we can pass the inspection.


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