International Standards For Artificial Turf.

- Mar 31, 2018 -

In recent years, artificial turf stadium has become one of the symbols of modern sports facilities in our country, the national stadium from the school, nursery school to the community of leisure places has formed a man-made lawn fever.

It is not necessary to understand the artificial turf on the market, and it is increasingly necessary to correctly understand and evaluate the artificial lawn in the absence of the national uniform industry standard.

Fenkai artificial lawn thinks that it can be evaluated from the following aspects:

1, specifications

At present, the longest grass silk is 60mm mainly used in professional football fields, and the length of the grass silk is as long as possible. The most common grass silk length for football field is about 30mm.

2, appearance

The softness of the grass is good, the color is natural, how the appearance feels.

3, fiber

Grass silk is made of fiber, the main component of fiber is polyethylene or polypropylene, the evaluation index of fiber is two: twist number and fiber diameter. The usual number of twists is 5700, 7600, 8800, and 1000, which means that the more the twist, the finer the grass, the better the quality. The diameter of the fiber is calculated by the m, which is generally between 50 and 150 mu m. Fibre-silk indicators are generally difficult to measure, so FIFA generally USES fiber weight indicators.

4. Fiber quality

It is also correct to ensure that the number of seedlings not only fiber is correct but also that the fibers are used.

The density of grass.

There are two angles to evaluate the number of cluster heads of each rice straw. First, the football field is usually 130200, and the larger the number of clusters, the better; Second, the machine distance, namely the line spacing of the grass, is generally 510mm, the closer the better.

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