Introduction Of Artificial Turf

- Jan 07, 2018 -

Now sports project using artificial lawn has the following kinds, football field artificial lawn, the basketball court artificial lawn, fitness artificial lawn, golf course turf, kindergarten artificial lawn, landscape planting artificial lawn, the balcony artificial lawn.

The football field was introduced

The turf of the football field is 50mm high, and the row distance is 5/8, and the knitting distance is 165. The length is 7200, 7500,7800. Density 10395,10500, base cloth pp+ mesh.

The artificial lawn of the football field is relatively troublesome, because the construction material is more, the quantity is bigger. Construction materials include artificial turf, quartz sand, rubber granule, glue, street cloth, white grass and other products. Artificial lawn football grass is high wear resistance, strong anti-corrosion and high degree of reproduction, football speed, anti-elastic and natural grass are almost identical; Good air permeability and drainage performance; Excellent traction, so that the player can accurately judge the direction of the ball; Little seam, no trace grass fiber soft, no harm to the skin; Extremely strong wear resistance, long service life; Anti - uv, corrosion resistant, mildew resistant, and environmental pollution free.

Basketball court artificial lawn introduction

The basketball court is 12mm high on turf grass, with a line spacing of 5/8, 220 needles, and 33,300, bottom cloth, composite or pp+ grid.

Basketball court artificial lawn, the opposite is true of football field turf is simpler, only need the artificial lawn, quartz sand, glue, and red edge joint cloth, smaller, construction difficulty, use the date 5-8 years, artificial turf basketball courts have prevent slippery wear-resisting effect. It's permeable when it rains. The environmental protection is stronger, the project cost is relatively low.

Kindergarten artificial lawn introduction

The height of artificial lawn grass in kindergarten is 20mm,25mm,30mm,35mm and so on. It is 31/8 and 165pin, and the density is about 12500, and the density is between 7500-10500, bottom, compound or pp+ grid.

The use of artificial lawn in kindergartens is very popular in kindergartens. The high density of artificial lawn in kindergartens is highly pollution-free and has strong protective measures for children. The kindergarten artificial lawn is a real playground for children. The artificial lawn is also a comfort to the child's protection. Also more beautiful the kindergarten environment. Nowadays, the development of artificial lawn in kindergartens is also up space.

1. Leisure system: (golf special artificial grass multi-professional driving range, community, leisure place, etc.)

2, household system (green roof garden, villa, kindergarten, hospital, swimming pool, a cruise ship deck, offices, private residences, hotels laid of the ground adornment, activity center, community, resorts, clubs, balcony roof decoration)

3. Education system (including schools, training centers, kindergartens, etc.)

4. Sports system: (soccer field, hockey field, tennis court)

Artificial lawn overall layout is beautiful, high utilization rate, has wear-resisting damage resistance, it is not easy deformation, more color, good elasticity, antistatic, shock absorption, shock absorption, easy installation, low maintenance cost, high durability simulation, grass fiber soft, little harm to the skin; Extremely strong wear resistance, long service life; Anti-uv, corrosion resistant, mildew resistant, and environmental pollution free, colorfast; Good air permeability and drainage performance; It can last up to 8 years and is durable and durable

The artificial lawn is the best training, activity, competition and so on. It is suitable for use in schools.

Maintenance of artificial turf

(I) cleaning and maintenance:

1. After the game, clean the paper, shell and other sundries in time.

2. Comb the grass with a special brush every two weeks to remove debris and debris from the lawn.

3. Use a special rake to smooth quartz sand or rubber once a month or frequently.

4. Dust on the grass, when it rains, scour clean, or wash it manually.

When summer is hot, you can pour water on the lawn to cool down to keep the exercisers cool and comfortable.

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