Ive Your Child A Healthy, Artificial Lawn

- Jan 01, 2018 -

Before green grass everywhere, many parents don't trust the child to play it, worry about too much bacteria and pesticide residues of the grass, kids and prone to illness, resulting in children lost a lot of outdoor tong qu. Now, the green lawn is gone, replaced by the artificial lawn, the artificial lawn was born in the last century 60 s of the United States, has experienced six generation of artificial turf of technological change, was introduced to China since the late 1990 s, nearly 20 years, artificial lawn with its durable, safe environmental protection, the technical features of all-weather maintenance free and safe use of performance, in the international and foreign school, community, the common application of football club.

However, the safety of the recent artificial lawn playground has caused a social backlash. Some parents worry that the artificial grass will hurt children.

Are artificial lawns really harmful to humans?

The material of artificial lawn is mainly polypropylene, nylon, polyethylene, etc., are chemical products, which is simply the most common plastic in our daily life. At present, artificial lawn material is mainly polyethylene and polypropylene. Expert points out, from the material itself, artificial turf is non-toxic, heated and no poison gas, the artificial lawn, mainly because of fibrosis, namely in the ultraviolet shining, temperature changes, such as acid rain environment is easy to become fragile, weathering into flocculent, after children in the above, grain easy inhalation of respiratory tract, causing respiratory diseases. This problem happened before, then the international standard for the modification, solve the problem in the process, in the process of artificial turf, change of small molecules to macromolecular, makes the football field turf after aging of particles becomes bulky and difficulty inhaling, solved the problem very well. For artificial lawn, in front of the construction will be finished to conduct a comprehensive inspection, including uv radiation detection, anti-aging and so on ten standards, regular big companies do not walk in every shipment can provide quality inspection report. At present Japan and South Korea are in large use, and some of Europe's top clubs are in use.

What are the causes of man-made lawns?

Currently have questioned the lawn, the main reason is due to the installation of lawn auxiliary material used by filling the black particles, for example, adhesive joint glue for the lawn is unqualified, caused by pollution to artificial turf. But these auxiliary material, usually not provide grass production enterprises, the site construction is responsible for the installation of the company to purchase, in fact, the lawn laid when filling with rubber particles also have environmental protection, health and safety requirements. But in the process of lawn bidding, because the school does not understand the product, does not understand, actually the product often can not put in place the requirement.

Experts have called for strict monitoring of standards in China's artificial turf industry

According to industry experts, giving children a healthy artificial lawn is considered mainly from three aspects: sports safety performance, environmental protection and health safety. In addition, must be shoddy of inferior product at a lower price for effective prevention and control, such products shall be prohibited from entering the bidding procurement process, selection of materials for the whole project, the construction process of supervision, the stage of product inspection and acceptance of project should strictly in accordance with the law.

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