Just 4 O'clock, You Can Maintain The Outdoor Artificial Turf Field

- Apr 21, 2018 -

  At present, artificial turf is widely used in sports venues and leisure fields. Among them, artificial turf sports venues occupy 70% of the market, leisure venues and other venues account for about 30%, and 90% of venues are located in sports venues. It is outdoor, 10% is indoor, and outdoor venues include football fields, football fields, tennis courts, hockey rinks, and gateball courts. This raises the question of how to maintain the artificial turf field outdoors. Proper maintenance can extend the life of the site.


Although the field of artificial turf is not as cumbersome as the natural turf maintenance and maintenance, but it is not completely without maintenance and maintenance, today we provide you with several maintenance methods.

1 the use of the way:

 – It is forbidden to trample spikes (studded spikes will cause grass tear and break)

– Fireworks and firearms are prohibited (although lawns have flame retardants, but fireworks still cause bottom missing)

– Do not allow the vehicle to walk on the lawn and build up heavy objects in the lawn (the vehicle will be too heavy and cause deformation of the lawn and damage to the foundation of the site)

– Perform various inspections and repairs in a timely manner.

2 regularly remove debris

  In order to maintain the cleanliness of the artificial turf playing field, it is necessary to promptly remove the debris thrown away by athletes or spectators (scraps, nut cores, plastic bags, etc.). In order to prevent dirt particles from being carried into the lawn, a fixed path to and from the stadium must be designed in advance. When the soil is brought into the site, it should be removed in time as much as possible to prevent it from slowly accumulating between the fibers of the turf.

3 minor repairs

  Artificial turf, like natural grass, also needs regular inspections. Routine inspections generally require small-scale inspections within 2 months. After 40 hours, the artificial turf needs to be cleaned and evenly filled with particles to ensure straightness of the grass. During the year, at least one or two rounds of comprehensive inspections are required to determine in a timely and accurate manner which areas need to be repaired. If the lawn is over-used or has a useful life of more than five years, it requires two full inspections a year.

4 keep the artificial lawn moist

  Summer temperatures are relatively hot in many places. The temperature of outdoor artificial turf sports grounds will rise rapidly. If a certain amount of evaporation can be maintained, the temperature of the artificial turf can be kept close to the natural turf temperature. Using this method to keep the lawn moist can not only reduce the wear on the lawn, but also reduce the possibility of serious accidents. The frictional lawn can weaken the elasticity of the ball, and in the water supply operation to maintain the turf degree, the water spray Must be uniform and moderate, both to keep the turf moist enough and not to flood the turf or form small pits on the lawn.


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