Kindergartens Start Using Artificial Grass.

- Mar 08, 2018 -

What are the advantages of artificial grass in kindergartens relative to plastic?

1.It can be installed on a variety of basic surface, the basic quality demand is not high, it is not afraid of cracking, and there is no bubble and delamination. It is both simple and economical. 

2.The artificial lawn protection is simple, low cost, uses the water to wash can remove the grime, and has the characteristic which does not fade, does not deform.

3.  The shape resembles true grass, has the beautification feeling, the variety is complete, the grass length may choose according to the actual use.

4. Artificial turf sports venues all planning, beautiful use rate is high, life can reach more than 10 years, easy maintenance and durable, all-weather continue to use.

5.Artificial grass materials are environmentally friendly, finished construction, fixed and short period, easy to grasp quality, simple inspection, without too much professional knowledge.


6.The artificial lawn site has high utilization rate, which has the characteristics of shock absorption, no noise,    safety, innocuity, elasticity and flame retardancy. It is very suitable for campus application. It is a current activity, practice and competition place.

7.Artificial turf adopts the concept of safety protection, so it can prevent movement damage. It supplies the    satisfaction of the buffer force, and reduces the usual hard damage to the foot, making you completely free from all kinds of concerns caused by the place.

8.All the raw materials fit the request of environmental protection, and the surface layer of artificial turf can be     reused and reused. The foundation laid by the original excavation of the abandoned soil and sand, in accordance with the principle of waste reduction and the use of natural objects.

9.The root is not bonded to the surface layer. When the service life of the surface layer expires, it is only              necessary to replace the surface layer and the cost of reinvestment is low.

10.When the playground is planned into a plane, there is no uneven place. The new structure has the function of    shock absorption and decompression, reduces the noise on the playground, and reduces the disturbance for          class.


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