Landscape Artificial Turf Development Direction

- Dec 26, 2018 -

    Landscape leisure artificial turf has been rapidly developed, and most families in foreign countries like to lay some artificial turf in their courtyard for viewing. Nowadays, from the beginning of the country, the sports lawn has grown rapidly, and now the sports and leisure lawns go hand in hand. What are the directions for the development of landscape artificial artificial turf?

    One of the development directions: roof garden greening and high-rise roof decoration application;

The application of artificial turf in the roof garden has been widely used, and it has been recognized and praised by many owners, filling the blank of the domestic roof without greening. Generally, the greening of the roof will adopt light soil considering the influence of load bearing, but the waterproof is integrated. The requirements of the construction, construction cost, maintenance difficulty and other factors usually do not arrange too much natural planting, so the artificial turf becomes a good choice, or the artificial turf with local natural trees to plant the roof to beautify the roof, for the owners or tourists Provide a wonderful environment.

In addition, in some high-rise roofs, because the general population does not enter, often do not do a good deal, but with the increase of high-rise buildings, the relatively short high-rise roofs have been paid to the top of the super high-rise, becoming a landscape, some have Visionary real estate developers have realized this. In order to improve the image of their own real estate, they chose the grass lawn as the decoration of the roof. Due to its beauty, low cost and easy maintenance, this will become the choice of more and more real estate in the future.

  The second development direction: the application of outdoor vertical three-dimensional greening

At present, vertical three-dimensional greening has become the advocacy and pursuit of more and more people, and it is also one of the trends of future green development. However, its cost and construction maintenance difficulty are also prohibitive for many people. Natural vegetation has a certain periodicity, and artificial grass has easy Maintenance, without the need for a lot of water, beautiful, imitation, true, lasting effect, etc., as a decorative role can be used as a pioneer of vertical three-dimensional greening, with the development of natural-artificial combined lawn technology in the future, artificial turf in this field There will also be a wide range of applications.

The third direction of development: cold, drought, etc. is not suitable for large-area planting of natural turf areas

The cold climate in the north creates a desolate scene in winter. It is very exciting to have a hint of green. In some venues, artificial turf landscapes can be properly matched. With the development of artificial turf technology, the imitation of grasses will be true. Achieve the same visual effect as natural grass. For example, on some roads, in addition to extremely cold-resistant pine plants, artificial turf can be used as a new greening option, which plays a big role in relieving drivers and improving driving safety.

The fourth direction of development: the promotion and application of private gardens and natural planting areas.

At present, there are more and more artificial turf landscapes in private courtyards. Some families have accepted their simple management and maintenance methods. They are beautiful, applicable, and clean. They are also economical compared to natural grasses and can provide more comfortable. The event venue, of course, can't match the natural lawn in terms of ecological effects and some natural features, but it still has more and more families to choose and favor. Most of the garden lawns need to be defined by plant configuration to form a specific plant landscape, but the construction of natural lawns requires a lot of water and sufficient maintenance costs. In some natural planting areas, areas where ecological benefits are not the primary factor. For the sake of economical and aesthetic considerations, the application of artificial turf and natural arbor irrigation can be appropriately developed.

Landscape artificial turf has great development space in various countries around the world, and it is also a trend of development in the future. The green landscape has become an indispensable part of our daily life.

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